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PPROM - don't know how to cope

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Namechangefailagain Sun 08-Apr-18 14:55:05

I lost my baby on 4-4-18. My perfect baby girl was born at 20+2. I am heart broken.

Have so many questions that I may never get answers to. I didn't even know it was possible for my waters to break so early.

Each day is a struggle, especially as people keep referring to her as a miscarriage.

My precious baby girl was our rainbow baby after an early miscarriage. The pain im feeling is just to much to bare, I feel as though the tears will never stop. And I can't see how I'm ever going to get through this.

I've had no support from the hospital and don't know where to turn for advice.

I need this pain to stop. Each night I go to bed and can't sleep as see her each time I close my eyes and it breaks my heart that she isn't here with me.

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Tollygunge Sun 08-Apr-18 14:58:04

I have had this too, also with a rainbow baby but at 17 weeks so not so far on.

Time really does help. It doesn’t ever heal completely but it does help. In my next pregnancy I was monitored constantly and managed to make it to the end. Please do call miscarriage association. There’s also a whole babyloss community on instagram that helped me. Xx

K0013 Sun 08-Apr-18 15:38:43

I am so so sorry for your loss, it is such an awful thing to go through. Perhaps your GP could refer you for some counselling? You really should have been provided more support by the hospital 😞 Do you have people close to you who can be with you just now? Send you a big hug xxx

Namechangefailagain Sun 08-Apr-18 17:23:25

So sorry for your loss Tollygunge

It's so hard, I'm glad to hear time does help as at the moment I Just wish I could be with her. I will give them call tomorrow. Im not sure how instagram works i thought that was just a photo app, how would i find it? Thank you.

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Namechangefailagain Sun 08-Apr-18 17:27:52

K0013 I am certainly going to try and get counselling as I don't feel I'd ever be able to cope without it. Luckily I'm already under the mental health team so I'm hoping they will be able to sort that for me pretty quickly.

The hospital were rubbish i feel they failed me in so many ways. Not just after but also during the whole process and after delivery. I have support from family but find it's the night time when I'm alone it hits most as she was born shortly after 1am.


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Thelampshadelady Sun 08-Apr-18 17:29:19

I’m very sorry for your loss op. flowers

K0013 Sun 08-Apr-18 17:43:09

I’m so sorry that the hospital were rubbish, it’s really cruel that we can be left to deal with such a heartbreaking time by ourselves. When I had my mc last week it was around 3am and I posted on a few boards here and there were lovely people who kept me company, it really did help ❤️

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