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PCOS Sufferer, 1st MC.

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MrsD20 Sun 01-Apr-18 10:12:23

Hi Ladies
After stopping my pill, I waited 8 long months for a period which being a PCOS sufferer, I was used to irregular periods. Finally, a period came last month and 3 weeks later I got a positive pregnancy test. My world went mad and my husband, parents and I were ecstatic! I told a couple of close friends as knew they would share our elation and I threw myself into baby planning, albeit a little early. My mum is a midwife and deals with pregnancy loss all the time so I knew the stats, but I couldn’t help feeling that “it won’t happen to me.” Exactly a week after my Positive test (2 days ago) the bleeding started and is still going. With every cramp and toilet trip, I’m reminded that my life is not going how it was a week ago, Im devastated and as well as that I feel embarrassed and ashamed. Not 1 of my friends has MC’d so I can’t help feeling “why me” but truth is, why not me?! I’m trying to think positive and start again as soon as I can but will I ever have that excitement again or am I going to spend the whole next pregnancy worrying? You are all so inspirational and I know I’ve run on, but I just needed to get it out.
Thank you all xx

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Jessabean Tue 03-Apr-18 22:13:10

Hi @MrsD20

Just seen your post and that you'd not had a reply earlier & wanted to see how your doing?
I completely understand how you feel- I've just had my second missed miscarriage recently. Just to say the feelings your going through are all completely natural & have gone through the same myself. Feels like literally everyone around me at the moment is pregnant & whilst I'm genuinely happy for them all you can't help but feel jealous and like why can't I have that at times & then to feel bad about feeling that way! Is no easy way around all these feelings except for allowing yourself the space and time to feel as you do & believe that it will ease with time.
We'll get there in the end & be stronger people for all of this in the long run! Xx

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