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Not sure if I'm worrying too much advice please x

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Lmj25 Wed 28-Mar-18 14:29:27

I'm around 8-9 weeks pregnant with 2nd child 1st midwife appointment next week however ended up at epu yesterday as I've had stains of pink in discharge and had constant bellyache prettt much all over my stomach is the only way I can describe and under my ribs. Basically they sent me away didn't seem to worried as they say it can be quite common in early pregnancy however this morning there's been a little more discharge and it is now a darker pink/ light red and I've had stomach ache again and back ache. Has anyone else had this? I can't remember it with 1st child thanks for any advice x

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TheLegendOfBeans Wed 28-Mar-18 14:32:27

Contact your EPU again.

Discharge that goes from brown to red or pink to red equates to fresh blood.

If your pains are like period pains then please make this clear.

Do you have a stabby pain on the tip of your shoulder? This can be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy.

Bleeds are common as is weirdy discharge in the early days but red bleeds should be investigated.

Lmj25 Wed 28-Mar-18 14:44:19

I've phoned them earlier on which is why I came on here, they have said there is nothing they can do until scan tomorrow

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TheLegendOfBeans Thu 29-Mar-18 15:02:50

I hope it all went well OP, I really do

Lmj25 Thu 29-Mar-18 15:34:21

Thank you just had scan everything looks fine thank god think I am earlier than I thought x

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TheLegendOfBeans Thu 29-Mar-18 20:06:51

PHEW! Good news x

Lmj25 Thu 29-Mar-18 20:15:34

It is thank god I'll still not stop worrying though and ds seems to have gone round the bend since I've been pregnant it's going to be a challenging few month lol x

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