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Two miscarriages now...light at the end of the tunnel?

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Jessabean Tue 27-Mar-18 23:00:18

Hi all,

As the title reads, I've just had recently experienced my second miscarriage. It was my second pregnancy. The first pregnancy I had miscarried naturally at 8 weeks just before New Years and I had luckily managed to become pregnant two weeks later & really thought this was it this time as physically everything seemed to go so well. I had an early reassurance scan at 9 weeks and all seemed ok for dates and there was a strong heartbeat. Then at our 12 weeks scan on Thursday we discovered that that I had a MMC & baby had stopped growing a couple of days after our scan at 9.5 weeks.
Though in a way (despite the initial shock & devastation) I feel like I'm dealing with it better this time I can't help shake the thought that I will only ever have miscarriages and never be able to carry a healthy child to term. Just looking for any positive stories of success after recurrent miscarriage to give me some hope?

Thank you.

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MiniAlphaBravo Tue 27-Mar-18 23:04:29

Really sorry for your losses. Just thought I’d give you a positive story. First pregnancy ended in mmc at 12 week scan, then started bleeding, quite traumatic etc. then got pregnant again quickly, it ended around 5-6 weeks, I didn’t have another period so I don’t know. Then went on to habe two perfectly easy pregnancies and really healthy lovely babies, 3 and 1 now. Just one of those awful things that can happen and doesn’t mean at all that it’s going to continue flowers

AnyFucker Tue 27-Mar-18 23:08:07

I am sorry x

My first two pregnancies ended in miscarriage. My third and fourth are now healthy grown adult children. There is light.

Cati482 Tue 27-Mar-18 23:17:39

I’m so sorry for your losses. But there’s every chance you will go on to have a successful pregnancy in the future. I had three miscarriages in a row, then had two beautiful daughters. My first is 4 and my second is 15 months. Don’t give up hope xx

purpleviolet1 Tue 27-Mar-18 23:21:15

Really sorry thanks

I had a mc at 12 weeks (heartbeat stopped maybe around 8/9 weeks). So many people said the first mc was just unlucky that when I fell pregnant for the second time very quickly like you, I was full of hope. I then miscarried naturally at about 6.5 weeks. Third time fell pregnant quickly again and although it was a stressful and worrying time I now have a beautiful 12 month old. There is always hope and it doesn't mean that anything is wrong with you. Miscarriages are just so very common sadly x

Jessabean Tue 27-Mar-18 23:40:14

Thank you all of you.
It's does really help hearing your positive stories. My main way of dealing with the first one was to research and read up on as much about miscarriage as possible but no matter what statistics you read it doesn't really help the feelings you're going through personally & it's no where near as comforting as hearing real peoples stories to be able to believe it can happen eventually.
Thank you! Xxx

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jewishprincessofchigwell Sat 31-Mar-18 22:43:57

I am really sorry xx
My first pregnancy - I didn't know I was pregnant until 10 weeks, as pregnancy test was showing up as negative. Started being really excited and then miscarried naturally at nearly 14 weeks. After that I couldn't even think about trying again, I was very scared same will happen again.
After 14 months I fell pregnant again and again miscarried naturally very early on 6/7 weeks. Totally heart broken and even more scared then before. My gynecologist said to me - nothing is going make the fear disappear, it will be gone when you will hold your baby. And you will, I will help you as much I can. 3 months later I had positive pregnancy test, just on the day of my missed period. Went to see her and she didn't even do the scan, said to me straight - no point, too early, will see you next week. Next week, scan successful and there was a heartbeat! Another scan in 4 weeks, I was so nervous and another successful scan - I have a nice heartbeat, long pause and I have another heartbeat! Yep, twins. Cut long story short - absolutely delightful pregnancy, everything by the book and finally I had to be induced at 39+3, boys born 39+4 by CS in the end, 6lb7oz and 7lb1oz.
You will get there! Unfortunately miscarriages are very common these days.

Jessabean Sun 01-Apr-18 08:29:04

Hi @jewishprincess thank you for taking the time to share your experiences (I really appreciate it) & congratulations on your twins!
I am having good days and bad days at the moment in terms of keeping faith it will happen for me eventually. I think I will feel this way until I have successful outcome tbh. But hopefully the good days will gradually outweigh the bad days as time goes by. Wishing I could just move on but if I'm honest it's all still too raw at the moment for me I think. Hoping with time & support I'll get there though. XxxX

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flumpybear Sun 01-Apr-18 08:32:00

Your story brings back memories - I now have two healthy children so good luck it'll happen for you too

PositiveAttitude Sun 01-Apr-18 08:56:10

Another positive story here. First pregnancy ended with a ECS at 26 weeks and DD1 died at 8 days old. Over the next 2.5 years I than had 4 miscarriages. I never ever thought we would hold our own healthy baby! I was advised to take aspirin from before conception and this seemed to work for me. We now have 5 DCs - all grown up now, less than 6 years between the eldest and the youngest. When we had been successful once I didn't want to wait as I had the "Keep going while the going is good" mentality. grin

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