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Kate8989 Tue 27-Mar-18 21:31:52

I’m on my second “period” after MC and it just doesn’t seem to be getting going. I had hardly any bleeding yesterday and today it’s virtually stopped!
I get period type pains all month long, then when period due nothing really comes out. Anyone been through the same? I am seeing a gynaecologist about this, but just wondered if anyone has had a similar experience?!? X

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Greymisty Wed 28-Mar-18 00:13:35

Yup I had a similar experience post MC and you have my sympathies cos it nearly drove me round the bend. It was like my body lost its natural rhythm, pms and agonising cramps but then no period, random periods with no pms. It sucked and did i mention THE CRAMPS? Had a scan and it showed up a cystic ovary and inflammation. Cycle didn't return to normal until I went on the pill, hated the pill, came off it and ta-da! Normal service. The pill acted like a reset I think.

Hope those around you are being supportive and your appointment comes soon.

Kate8989 Wed 28-Mar-18 08:24:54

@Greymisty that’s really interesting, thank you for responding to me. See I don’t really get cramps, more like pain on the left side. I’ve had internal scans and the cannot find anything (wish they could!) so I just feel a bit in limbo about what could be causing all the pain. Next step is a laparoscopy if I want to have one done. I’m very nervous but one thing is for sure I cannot go on living the way I am at the the moment. Can I ask how long you were feeling that way?! X

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Greymisty Wed 28-Mar-18 09:27:05

That's weird my cramps weren't normal period ones either could feel them in my back on the left side. I'd go for the laparoscopy to rule anything else, my gp offered one but didn't encourage me to go (sort of dismissed it while offering) and I regret not ruling out endrimetriosis as I have always had quite heavy periods. Be brave flowers

I MC in the January and felt terrible until about august then i had a very heavy nearly call an ambalance sort of period (sorry TMI!) It was a flood and it just kept coming. The extreme pain settle down after that was more a dull ache but my cycle was still a mess. The GP thought there could have been some left over tissues from the pregnancy and that's what the August flood was.
It wasn't until the December I took the pill for like a week, gave up because of side effects by the end of December going into the new year I felt better. So a year all in all. It was one of the worse years of my life. It wasn't helped that two "friends" who knew about the MC started asking if it was psychosomatic symptoms. I felt crazy enough because my body wasnt making any sense and their "support" did not help. also learned a lot along the way about womens health care one nurse said 'womens bodies are mysterious' and I was hmm
How long has it been going on for you?

There is light at the end of the tunnel I promise! Im so greatful for my normal cycle since then which is a peculiar thing to be greatful for but hormones when messed up are powerful things. X

Kate8989 Wed 28-Mar-18 10:34:32

Wow you are an amazing woman to put up with that for so long! How did you function? I’m guessing hot water bottles and painkillers (which is my life right now)
I’m very nervous about having the lap as never had a procedure before, but I know it’s quite straightforward and loads of women have them. I had my MC in January this year and I can honestly say the time following has been the darkest I have ever experienced. I feel I just keep getting fobbed off and it’s the not knowing why the pain is there which is really scary!
How weird we both have/had it on the left side!!! Xx

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Greymisty Wed 28-Mar-18 11:50:10

How did I function? With difficulty lol. Yeah hot water bottles and pain killers. I went to work with a hot water bottle stuffed inside my clothes got a few odd looks from colleagues. Also I necked several energy drinks a day as I was shattered! Don't do that it was a very bad idea lol.

How weird your MC was in the month of January to, I remember this time afterwards felt like a very dark place. Looking back I think it was the mixed up hormones that were making feel so awful not just the physical pain, we have cycles for a reason and if it's messed up of course your gonna feel bad.

I feel you with the being fobbed off! I just wanted an explanation and medical science and instead it was all wishy washy feedback of mysteries. Also they wondered if I had IBS which I don't.

I was nervous about the idea of a lap that's why I didn't push for it when it was mentioned. But if you can, do, and I say that knowing it's hard.

The good news is this was a few years ago for me and I am really happy now. You couldn't pay me to go through that year again. flowers stay strong! Xx

Kate8989 Wed 28-Mar-18 21:05:28

@Greymisty I cannot tell you how many days I’ve been tempted to stuff my hot water bottle down my pants when I go to
Work 😂. How did you keep your spirits up for so long? After a few weeks of this shizzle I was breaking down in tears.
I’m going to book my lap tomorrow, feeling quite proud of myself lol.
Pleased to hear all worked out well, can I ask how old you were when this all happened? I’m 28 now, wasn’t expecting all this to happen when embarking on my TTC journey x

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Greymisty Thu 29-Mar-18 01:00:51

Well done for deciding to book tomorrow, i know it sounds daft but you really should feel proud.

I was going to ask if you were ttc, I was not it was a surprise pregnancy...I decided to go ahead as I fell completely head over heels in love with it and MC around 10-11weeks.

To be fair I don't think I did keep my spirits up lol. I'd put up a front that all was just fine for a few months. Then when my cycle still wasn't normal, my hair was falling out, I felt quite insane, my boobs would not stay the same size for more than 5 mins, the cramps etc etc. So my coping then was pretty much to set my life on fire. I was early 20's (now late 20s) and I dropped out of university because I could not face my ex (I was going through hell and he was unscathed angry I was bitter lol) started a new job and just threw myself into it along with my hot water bottle. You can get those heated sticky pad things btw....I used to wear four at a time.

After the August and losing probable pregnancy tissues with the blood flood, I felt more together (and anemic) and that helped carry me through to the end of the year. Also for a month the gp gave me strong knock out painkillers which gave me a break. The health issues did interfer with the grief and it took me a while to fully process it.

How do you feel? You seem like your doing all the right things and keeping a level head. Also it's still really early days post MC. How far along were you? Xx

Kate8989 Mon 02-Apr-18 08:47:00

@Greymisty I was ten weeks along. I’m not coping very well at all. I’ve said to my Husband all weekend I want to end it all as I can’t carry on like this. I’ve no joy left in my life, I don’t want to wake up in the morning as I’m scared how the pain is going to be....
I’m thinking of going back on the pill for a few weeks see if that balances anything out like you did. X

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Kate8989 Mon 02-Apr-18 08:49:10

Just to tie me over until I have my lap x

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Greymisty Mon 02-Apr-18 13:50:44

My heart goes out to you, i will always look back at that year of my life as the worse for me. Obviously life hasn't always been plain sailing since but nothing has compared. Hold on and remember it will get better I promise.

Have you tried contacting the miscarriage association for help/support?

The pill might be worth discussing with the GP see what they say. Or maybe give you stronger painkillers so you get a break from the pain.

Its the layering of difficulties which makes it harder to cope with, your in pain, you've suffered a loss, life isn't going as planned, hormonally your different....look at what your going through. If painkillers helped that would be one thing off your list to cope with or If going on the pill made your hormones predictable that would be one less thing for you to cope with.

If you weren't finding this hard that would be weird. You are being a hero right now, take pride in the fact your managing as well as you are. I hope your husband is being understanding. Xx

Kate8989 Mon 02-Apr-18 14:56:28

You’re being so kind to me you really are. I can’t believe I’ve found someone whose been through a similar experience to myself.
You’re right this is more than just the pain (even though I fricking hate it!) it’s about the life that could have been. Will I be able to conceive again? What if during my lap they find something that will adversely change my life forever?!
When i had an “internal check” he said it was sore and inflamed behind my womb and thought he could feel something. So that’s why I’ve convinced myself this is endometriosis and the worst form!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Husband is amazing, but Im worried telling him everyday that I want to kill myself is impacting on him......
I wake up everyday praying for a normal day with no pain, then when the pain starts I’m like hermit going back in it’s shell... thinking right here we go again. Pains started back to bed I go with hot water bottle! I’m taking so many painkillers i worry I’ll have a heart attack during the Op x

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Kate8989 Mon 02-Apr-18 20:27:38

@Greymisty forgot to tag your name is previous message 😘

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Kate8989 Mon 02-Apr-18 23:24:38

@Greymisty I keep stumbling across articles talking about endometriosis. I feel like the world is trying to tell me something 😢

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Greymisty Mon 02-Apr-18 23:52:29

For what its worth you have conceived and from that you know you can. Endometriosis may be a possibility but it is treatable. And you have ttc in your late 20s which means you have left yourself time for things to go wrong and time for things to go right. Today sucks but today is not forever.

I remember the guilt trip I gave myself after I told a fam member and a friend that i wanted to die. (It is so weird how our experiences mirror!) I said it a few times and i truly felt like it at the time. It passed. I kept reaching out. I still felt shit but not that shit.

If you have inflammation going on that's another layer for you to cope with and stress on the body as a whole. Make sure your eating right, lots of fruit and vegetables and limited junk and caffiene. Try to eat little and often if your finding pain is turning off your appetite. I know its cliche but you really need to take care of yourself physically right now your body is trying to repair.

You are physically and emotionally going through a lot, see yourself like an Olympian because this is tough what your going through right now and you are enduring it! That's amazing! It doesnt feel great and it's not pretty but your here and trying and that's winning under these circumstances.

Glad your partner is being supportive. Keep him on board with you, hope he's cooking you good food and making hot water bottled. Xx

Greymisty Tue 03-Apr-18 20:29:12

@kate8989 hope you've had a better day today xx

Kate8989 Tue 03-Apr-18 20:34:30

@Greymisty- Hey! Sadly not 😢 my pain is getting worse and it’s spread to the right side now so feeling really hopeless. Seriously how did you do it for so long!? I cry everyday and when I’m not crying I feel like crying....... you’re a much stronger woman than me.
I also feel bad for feeling bad as I know lots of women are in pain and have to wait on the NHS to get a lap. I’m lucky and going private so will be quick but still doesn’t feel quick enough.
It’s all the not knowing, every time I get a pain I think “that’s the Endo” having some answers would help immensely x

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Greymisty Tue 03-Apr-18 23:28:57

@kate8989 don't feel bad for going private. Why wait in pain of you don't have to?

Your crying everyday is not a weakness - I was a nightmare to be around! We all handle things differently. Your going through tough times plenty of TLC for yourself, your body is taking blows right now don't add to it by having a go at yourself too. Your getting through each day and that's enough. Xx

Kate8989 Tue 03-Apr-18 23:32:24

@Greymisty thank you. I look forward to your messages as they give me hope and a little boost.
It’s nice to speak with someone who has been through the same as me, it really is and knowing you coped for so long and came through the other side gives me some hope.
I feel I should introduce myself... I’m Katie, 28, currently living in Brighton 😊 x

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Kate8989 Wed 04-Apr-18 14:19:34

@Greymisty- been heaving all day and got back ache can’t stand now! Yaaaay more symptoms 😫

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Kate8989 Wed 04-Apr-18 14:20:15

@Greymisty I seriously feel like my body is saying lay in bed and never move!!!!! X

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Kate8989 Wed 04-Apr-18 14:23:23

Completely lost my appetite and i swear if I my gets any thinner I won’t have any left x

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Kate8989 Wed 04-Apr-18 14:23:46

**hair gets any thinner

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Greymisty Wed 04-Apr-18 14:36:17

@kate8989 listen! If you can, no idea of your work commitments or anything else. Resting is good, download a relaxation app as well. What does the pain feel like? I had like random core pain (stomach and back mostly on the left occasionally on right) that got worse when my muscles tensed and went into my thighs. Made walking and standing straight difficult.

Also what helped me was jasmine oil (the purest and fanciest you can afford) dilute with a carrier oil and smother yourself in it. Obviously it's not a cure but every little bit helps! Xx

Greymisty Wed 04-Apr-18 14:37:42

@kate8989 it took ages for my hair to grow back. But it does...eventually.

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