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Is there any chance it might be okay?

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NewNameSameBrain Mon 26-Mar-18 09:15:12

I’ve not got anyone to speak to in rl apart from my DH -who is brilliant- but this is hard on him too.
I’m nearly 36 and had a mc in nov. We carried on trying and got a bfp in early feb. I thought everything was going well- no bleeding, lots of pregnancy symptoms and should be 8.5 weeks.
Had early scan and no heartbeat/ baby is too small for dates. I am certain of dates but still clinging to hope that this is not a mmc.
Waiting for epu to arrange a scan. I’m heartbroken again and so worried that I may never be a mum.

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pippistrelle Mon 26-Mar-18 11:52:45

Oh, you poor thing. I hope your scan can be sorted very quickly.

NewNameSameBrain Mon 26-Mar-18 12:53:56

Thank you, I didn't think anyone was going to reply. Epu said as they have the measurements from the private scan it will be a week or two until they see me. They will confirm a date tomorrow. This waiting is awful

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pippistrelle Mon 26-Mar-18 13:26:54

I think this can be quite a quiet corner, and sort of difficult for many people to talk about anyway.

A week or two - bloody hell, that's a horrible wait. Might be worth seeing if your GP can do anything to speed things up. And at least, you'll feel like you're doing something. Sending you very best wishes.

Cornishclio Mon 26-Mar-18 13:30:20

So sorry to hear this. I had a mc at about 7 weeks many years ago. I went on to have 2 healthy DDs though so don't give up hope.

Cantchooseaname Mon 26-Mar-18 13:31:44

I think it’s quite common for dates to be out- even if you are quite sure when you dtd/ ovulated.
If they have measurements from private scan they will wait a week to see if the growth is what they expect. How far where you at private scan? Push for scan 1 week from private- that should give you a definitive answer.
And I’m so sorry. It is incredibly tough. Get some real life support, and take very good care of yourself- whatever makes you feel better.
Fingers crossed you get a good outcome.

sprinks Mon 26-Mar-18 13:51:30

This happened to me with early scan I thought I was 8+weeks but was only 5 so no heartbeat and only a sac. Went back a week later still not heartbeat. It wasn't until I went back 2 weeks later that one could be seen. At my 12 week appointment they changed the date again and I was further ahead than what EPU had said. I'm not 36 weeks pregnant so there is hope! Just ty and keep relaxed I know it's a really hard wait xx

NewNameSameBrain Mon 26-Mar-18 13:59:07

Thank you everyone, I'll see what date I'm offered tomorrow and if it's any longer than a week I'll see what GP suggests.
Based on my lmp I'm 8+4 but the scan said 6 weeks only.
Sprinks, that's lovely to hear, congratulations smile

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PrimeraVez Tue 27-Mar-18 12:21:22

Really sorry to hear this and I agree with other posters, the waiting part is really shit.

I had an early MC last Jan and then fell pregnant again in the March. When I went for my first scan, everything was measuring too small and although we did see some progression when I went back a few weeks later, it ultimately ended in a MMC at 10 weeks. The whole thing was so drawn out and devastating.

I'm sorry that my story didn't have a happy ending in this particular case, but my doctor reassured me that while 2 MCs in a row was bloody awful luck, it still wasn't necessarily indicative of a bigger problem. I ended up opting for a D&C and fell pregnant again a few months after. I'm now 28 weeks and feeling positive.

I have my fingers crossed for you that this does have a positive outcome, because it is possible, but even if it doesn't, please don't give up all hope.

NewNameSameBrain Tue 27-Mar-18 13:12:07

Thank you Primera, I wish you all the best with the rest of your pregnancy.
Epu are seeing me tomorrow, and I suppose the outcome will be dependent on what they see on the scan. I'm trying to stay positive but equally I don't want to give myself false hope.

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