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Tryingforsleepthief2 Fri 13-Apr-18 23:14:28

I am in a similar situation. I had a private scan a few weeks ago after all symptoms stopped- I should have been 7 weeks. I went back today for a repeat scan but the sac was empty and had grown, but not by much.

I was hoping for the d and c/surgical option but I started bleeding a bit tonight and have started to get craps every now and then.
I hope you are recovering well OP and other who have been in this situation.

Alicejj8x Fri 23-Mar-18 06:16:57

Hello ladies hope it's ok to join

I've just been told I've had a mmc yesterday when we went for a private scan as my symptoms started to fade I just didn't feel pregnant anymore. They sure enough told me that little bean measured 5w6d but the sac was 7w2d also we previously saw a heart beat last Wednesday but yesterday confirmed no heart beat. This is now my second mmc and I just feel broken

I am 26 and have polycycstoc ovaries but they told me my left ovary is good as that's where the egg came from. I am on metformin which is supposed to reduce miscarriage. Last time in 2016 when I had my first mmc and this time it happened around the same amount of weeks close to 6 weeks so it's abit weird it's happening at the same number of weeks
My friends and this fb group I post on have told me I might need some progesterone tests done so I have my follow up appointment this morning and I am going to ask what I can have before starting to ttc again cause I don't think I could go through this a 3rd time and it's so rubbish if my hormones are low and that's the reason I've mmc again il be even more heart broken they didn't think to do the Tests when I found out I was preg as I'm under the fertility clinic so I had so many early scans.

I choose medical management the first time and the tablets worked for me with no pain so I will choose them again today and just hope again I get no pain and it comes away. I don't think my body will let go as I've had no bleeding however a few cramps I've had so it could start by itself. I to hate the thought of little bean being inside with nothing I can do to help it I would rather it be in peace now and for me to try and get over this horrible ordeal

I am so sorry for your losses I really am xx

brianodriscoll Thu 22-Mar-18 06:43:55

Im so sorry for your loss.

This has just happened to me.

You'll have three options:
1) Leave it to nature and let your body pass the pregnancy in it's in own time.
2) Treat it 'medically' ie take some tablets - I think you can take them either vaginally or orally which will encourage your body to pass the pregnancy.
3) Treat it surgically. I was offered either a local or general anasthetic.

As if happens, the hospital where I went to didn't have any appts for the surgical option for ages so I had the tablets, which didn't work for me so ended up having surgery under general anasthetic this week.

I was really worried about the general anasthetic- I have a lot going on at the moment and thought it might really affect me but physically I'm ok.

There's a couple of other threads around at the moment with other ladies experiences. Physically I think that it sounds like the surgical option was the 'easiest' option. If there if such a thing.

The whole thing for me has taken nearly a month since i was told they thought it very likely I'd had a MMC. I felt in limbo until this week so only now do I feel I'm dealing with it emotionally.

Be kind to yourself and do whatever you need to. Work as much or as little as you want to, I was offered a sick note for a couple of weeks but wanted to work to keep my mind off it and have largely been OK at work but it's different for everyone.


Amymil Thu 22-Mar-18 06:30:43

I totally 100% feel the same as you hun. Have some comfort knowing myself and probably 1000s of other woman go through this. It won't change it but you're not alone lovely. I think I came to terms with it last week. Last Wednesday and Thursday I felt exactly like u. Now I think I'm trying to look at it from a science point of view 😣....its helping me. U are measuring exactly the same as me thankfully. I'm just glad I caught it early enough. I have a 5 year old daughter and that pregnancy felt completely different which is why i knew something wasn't right with this one. I didn't even feel pregnant. Always listen to your body which is what ive learnt.

Thank you for clarifying the next proces....i can't believe I didn't ask! Think my mind was on other things 😣. If I don't pass this pregnancy i think I'll opt for the tablet form. I can't go on with a miscarriage inside me ! It's soul destroying. The strange thing about my situation is that the sack appears to have grown a couple of mm from last Wednesday to Monday 19th! But there is definitely no embryo or featal pole developed etc. It's like my body is confused and it still supplying the sack. Which is another reason I just want it all over with now. Keep me updated hun on your progress and I'll keep my fingers crossed we both pass naturally and once we are healed......we can try again lovely xxxx

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Laney79 Thu 22-Mar-18 04:52:33

So sorry @Amymil -I'm going through the same right now. Private scan sat showed bean measuring 5 weeks when it should've been 8+. Had another scan at the EPAU on Monday which showed the same-no growth, no Heartbeat, no blood flow.

I have to wait two weeks for my next scan, and I'm desperately hoping I miscarry fully in that time. I too have had minimal brownish spotting/discharge and light cramps since tues am-keep hoping for red blood but nothing yet.

In terms of what happens as j understand it they'll rescan you, to make 100% certain that there's no viable pregnancy (nhs won't take private scans as official evidence apparently) then there's choices to make. Either wait it out until your body realises and miscarries, take medical management which appears to be pills/pessaries (I guess effectively the abortion pill?) or you can have surgery (seen it called ERPC and D&C - effectively a procedure where they remove pregnancy tissues and clear out your uterus). I think that's done under general but I have seen mention of local too-but that sounds very scary.

I'm petrified of dr's/hospitals so I'm hoping my body miscarries fully naturally, but the waiting is so hard. Am in limbo. Scared to go out in case it starts, but being at home is just torture. My brain is my enemy, rolling over why it's happened, why me, what did I do to deserve something so awful (1st pregnancy at 38) then feeling just pure unadulterated grief and loss.
It's bloody awful. Sounds stupid but if idve started bleeding and then miscarried I think it would've been easier. Hate the thought of my lifeless little bean inside me, waiting for my body to kick it out.
I really hope that things go ok for you. The miscarriage association has some really good info on what's happening and options. Xxx

Amymil Wed 21-Mar-18 19:10:31

Hi ive had a MMC. I should be 8 weeks but the pregnancy stopped at 5.5 weeks. A private scan last weds suggested id lost the baby and a scan at the EPU at hosp on Monday (19th) confirmed it. I've had only tiny bits of spotting (Brown ish discharge) and few dull aches not even like period pains. That's it. I've to go back to the hosp on Monday (26th) for another scan. Whilst I ws in with the nurse I forgot to ask one of my main questions....what will happen at that next appt if I haven't already miscarried?? Will they give me pills to bring it away? I don't want this process drawn out even more than it is being with more scans and appointments. Can anyone advise please? Thanks x

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