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Recovery months after multiple miscarriages

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Skingola Tue 20-Mar-18 16:37:59

I'm just wondering whether anyone has experience of feeling rough months after miscarriages? I had 4 MC in the space of a year, all before the 12week scan but at different times. I had two d&C's and 2 natural. The last was early September.
My cycles kicked in again reasonably quickly, but I have noticed they're a bit shorter and I am more prone to PMT.
I have been feeling really tired, getting cramps and stomach issues (which I think might coincide with ovulation), light headedness, almost constant hunger (put on 9lbs since sept!). My spatial awareness is now terrible (I scratched my new car on a bright yellow skip today for goodness sake!) I have had blood and stool tests recently, all normal although iron a bit low unsurprisingly.
I am wondering if it's all hormone related. I have even wondered today if it's early GP thinks my body is trying to recover, which makes sense.
So just wondering whether anyone else has experience of feeling bad months later? All advice kind of stops after a few weeks post mc, and then focuses on emotional stuff, which is good but not what I need right now!
Thanks smile

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Coffee3 Tue 20-Mar-18 21:32:42

Hi Op,

I’m sorry I don’t really have any advice; I’ve had multiple miscarriages and been referred to recurrent miscarriage clinic; what you’re describing sounds like how I’ve been when totally distracted and in some ways detached from how I’m feeling; either after a miscarriage (but a couple of months after) or whilst pregnant- so perhaps it is hormones but I sometimes wondered if I was pushing so much to the back of my mind it was manifesting physically- perhaps not but I didn’t really find another reason ☹️ Sorry that’s not very helpful!

FutureFairyCrayon Wed 21-Mar-18 15:03:33

I had two within five months and it did take me quite a while to feel ok again physically. I'd put on weight, I was tired, and my cycles were shorter, I didn't ovulate for months, and my pmt horrific.

Don't underestimate the whole mind/body thing. I was grieving, and that is exhausting anyway, even without factoring in the hormonal upheaval of multiple pregnancies.

I started taking a female specific vitamin supplement (just Sainsbury's own, nothing special), and evening primrose to sort my pmt. I also stopped drinking for a while and had some counselling. It took about six months in all to feel back to normal.

Glos52 Mon 26-Mar-18 09:36:39

Thanks for responding and sorry to hear of what you have both been through.
I think the iron supplements are helping actually, and have been making myself exercise and trying to lose weight - early days but we'll see. If nothing else, I'll be fitter which can't be a bad thing!
I do wonder about the body/mind effect. I have dealt with them reasonably well - fairly pragmatic as is my way. But DH has decided that he doesn't want anymore. I wasn't sure to be honest, and don't really want to have anymore miscarriages - that was an exhausting year. But I am still trying to get my head around us being a family of three. So there's a lot going on without factoring in hormones.
Thanks for responding.

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