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Missed miscarriage ?? Really... I don't know please help

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intelligentPutty Sun 18-Mar-18 09:32:03

Noticed you had no responses here.
So sorry for what you are going through. I hope you have been able to deal with it all over last few days and have some real life help.
I found crying helped to let it out. And give yourself sometime to recover.
They will give u options (well I had them) of waiting for natural mc, take a pill to speed up process. Or ERPC.
I had erpc when I had mmc as found it easier to get it out of the way and over with.
Had a natural mc this time (which I sort of knew was coming). But did not have to wait.
Both options I had were much the same in terms of pain (not much) and bleeding (bit more than a period).
I hope you are ok and getting any support u need.


missg1983 Tue 13-Mar-18 14:48:42

Just had a call and my hcg has dropped to 14,000 in 3 days guess it means what they say and I have lost the pregnancy 😢

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missg1983 Tue 13-Mar-18 14:10:30

Hi all

OK so I typed this all out then realised I posted this on an existing thread from years ago whoops. So here goes again..

A bit about me 35 tomorrow actually 😣 and have 5 happy healthy children do have pcos and took a while to have a pregnancy but eventually did and until now never had a MC or MMC

On the 1st of Feb 2018 a clear blue digital come back pregnant and 1 week since conception. How reliable they are I don't know and as I have pcos and irregular cycle and bleeding most days everything is not a definite day etc. Had a period 2nd week in Jan 2018 roughly. Anyway positive tests 1st Feb early I know but there we go.

Called the midwife unit to sort of ask advice book in etc explained about bleeding even though it's not been heavy or painful and been same my previous 2 pregnancies I wasn't particularly bothered but she referred me to EPU I was first seen 13th feb where they told me sac was visable and around 5 weeks obviously my preg test said 1 week as of 1/2/18 but there we go she could also see a substantial bleed in there too not by the sac but in the womb. Had bloods done and rescan 7 days later. Hcg 13/2/18 was 3,500 which they told me was good. On rescan 7 days later sac had doubled but there was an irregular shape to it. Consultant was confident she could see the start of the yolk sac but that was all. Rescan was scheduled for 13 days time 8/3/18. No bloods drawn.

Scan 8/3/18 sac same size as previous nothing inside at all no yolk no baby and I was told the pregnancy had ended during the previous 2 weeks. As it was 2 weeks prior the growth had happened nothing at all since. I was ushered into a side room and told my options I chose surgical as I don't think I'm strong enough for anything else. It's all a massive shock I've had no pain not bleeding of a massive extent nothing. 2 days later on the 10th March 18 I went up for consent papers bloods and mrsa tests ready for surgery. Left in floods of tears it's just all a horrible situation to be in. Then yesterday 12th March 18 they called to say my bloods were showing funny things and I needed a re scan today to be sure of what I've been told.

Scan today 13/3/18
Hcg 17,422.06 sac still empty but grown 1mm in 3 days. Have had bloods done again and awaiting result I was not told a edd but saw a date on the screen oF 1st nov 18. I think the sac has measured 6.5 weeks or is now measuring but I'm not sure how far I should be I just know I had a period 2nd week in Jan and a 1 week since conception positive test 1st Feb.

I guess what I'm asking is is this all normal empty sacs yet a high ish hcg as there certain a baby should of been seen for such high hcg I'm positive one hasn't passed out of me that's for sure. And if there was a yolk now there's not where has it gone can they disappear? I should be 6 or 7 weeks should I let them do the proceedure I'm just in such shock. Feel pregnant the usual things not eased nothing I'm wondering has anyone had any sucess stories. Hoping someone can help me find some comfort.

😢 tia

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