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What counts as the first day of MC?

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PumpkinPatch000 Sun 11-Mar-18 10:13:13


I had a MC five weeks ago but I’m not sure what counts as the first day (I’m trying to work out my cycle). I had two days of light spotting, one day of heavy bleeding and then a few days of spotting. What would you count as the first day of the MC?

I was 6 weeks pregnant and now waiting for AF to show up. I had irregular AF before so no idea how long that will be which scares me.

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meme70 Sun 11-Mar-18 10:36:53

Sorry for your loss

It’s recommned not to ttc for 3 months as mc rates higher after one if you ttc quickly

In 2016 I fell pregnant MC at 6 weeks then ttc immediately and fell 2 weeks later and then mc twins one at 2 months the other at 5 months

Give your body time to heal and emotionally if you are trying to conceive
They say 3 cycles then try as it heals and repairs your womb and you get a better lining for a pregnancy

I used temp apps and they worked

trippingoverrainbows Sun 11-Mar-18 16:47:54

Op the advice given above is not correct. Try again when you feel emotionally able to but the MC rates are actually lower if you conceive again within 6 months of a MC thanks

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