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Feeling disconnected from living child/children after miscarriage

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Yoshei Sun 04-Mar-18 22:09:49


I have a question but I hope I won't be judged for this.

A month ago I miscarried, but I also have another living child. At first my emotions were all over the place but recently I started to notice that I feel distant and disconnected from my son. I kind of feel guilty about this. I have read it is common to feel this towards the partner, but could not find anything about children. Has anyone else experienced this?

Also please don't misunderstand: my son means the world to me, but I find it hard to let those feeling in.

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welliments Sun 04-Mar-18 22:13:43

Hi there, I can totally relate. I feel like it is part of the grieving process, almost like a subconscious disengagement from those that I love the most as I now know how fragile life is, that they too could be taken at any moment.

I had PND (it was a stillbirth of one twin), perhaps see your GP for some counselling? It helped me although it’s still an issue.

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