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What was your cycle like after MC?

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Llondbol Wed 28-Feb-18 16:47:36

Really curious about what people's cycles were like after MC....Longer? Shorter? Late? Early? Longer or shorter luteal phase? No different from before?

I'm currently 13dpo and I've been cramping for 4 days but no sign of AF. Before my MC carriage my luteal phase was always 11 days - I'd have a little cramping on day 10 then come on like clockwork.

Had a D&C 31 January and started tracking BBT as soon as I got my negative test two weeks later. Ovulated 15 February (cd16) and TTC straight away so I'm obviously getting my hopes up it's a new pregnancy!

Tobebythesea Wed 28-Feb-18 17:21:13

I have nothing to add but I have everything crossed for you wink

Llondbol Wed 28-Feb-18 18:10:51

Haha @Tobebythesea love it!!

Athers666 Wed 28-Feb-18 20:50:13

Sorry for your loss OP. I have no advice I'm afraid, I had an early miscarriage a few weeks ago and no idea what's going on, it's horrible. I don't think I've ovaluted at all yet but we've been trying anyway just in case. It's so horrible knowing your own body well to suddenly not having a clue what's going on. I hate it! X

Pp3000 Wed 28-Feb-18 20:58:59

My first after miscarriage was exactly the same as beforehand then I conceived the following cycle. Not sure if that's the norm though!

Llondbol Thu 01-Mar-18 15:52:37

@Athers666 Sorry you're going through this too 😭 Hospital said to wait a cycle before TTC again so it'd be easier to date, but it helped me to focus on getting straight back to it. Still no sign of AF so I hope I'm as lucky as you @Pp3000 😁

Athers666 Thu 01-Mar-18 20:04:17

@llondbol Good luck..hope AF doesn't show up and you have a new pregnancy. The waiting and hoping is such torture isn't it.

xLeanne128 Sun 04-Mar-18 10:50:08

How you getting on @llondbol? I'm CD 40, 8/9DPO BFN. MC in January and had nothing since. I was told period would come between 4-6 weeks I'm still waiting sad

Llondbol Sun 04-Mar-18 11:02:16

Also still waiting @xLeanne128 😕 cd 33... 17dpo... no sign of AF but a BFN this morning. My temps are still high and spiked even higher the past few days. But when I got my BFP in December today's the equivalent to the day I got my VFL so I'm really not sure what to think... keep us posted on what happens with you x

How are you getting on @Athers666? X

Tobebythesea Mon 05-Mar-18 15:31:39

I’m day 29 and still waiting hmm

Athers666 Mon 05-Mar-18 18:26:37

@Llondbol No af for me yet either. Don't feel like it's on it's way yet. Very unlikely to have conceived as I'm pretty sure I haven't ovulate at all since the miscarriage happened.

chronicwarriorsmith Tue 06-Mar-18 10:44:30

I had a mc at 13 weeks my cycle following was much longer think around 45 days this was may
I was pregnant again in Aug but had a mc again then got positive test again in Sept

Athers666 Wed 07-Mar-18 17:08:57

What was all of you cm like following miscarriage? Mine is virtually non existant and dry. M/C was about three weeks ago and I just don't know what's going on?! I absolutely hate this, my body feels like a stranger l.

Llondbol Thu 08-Mar-18 07:24:26

AF showed her ugly face yesterday 😭 I think I knew deep down it was going to be hormones not a new pregnancy, by feeling gutted all the same. Also feeling a bit cheated by such similar charts and symptoms to pregnancy!! So for me that was 35 days after the D&C - so far just as light as before the MMC but more cramping.

@chronicwarriorsmith I'm sorry to read what you've been through - nature is so cruel to us ☹️
@Tobebythesea any news with you?
@Athers666 I've always been fairly on the dry side, but I think I've actually had more CM than before my MMC

Athers666 Thu 08-Mar-18 07:44:54

@llondbol Argh sorry that your AF came. It's so cruel that AF signs are similar to pregnancy signs isn't it? I mean, just why?! I'm just waiting for mine to appear now anytime. In a way i want it as i want to get back to 'normal' but in a way I don't of course. This is torture!

xLeanne128 Thu 08-Mar-18 08:37:55

I actually wish af would come so I know my body is working sad 44 days since MC. If my body even ovulated I'm 12dpo (did get positive opk but also had a lot of very dark ones many days apart so don't know what body is doing) fed up now.

Sloeberrygin Thu 08-Mar-18 09:38:30

It's so hard! I had a second trimester miscarriage 4 weeks ago. Afterwards I bled for about 2 weeks. A couple of days later I had my usual signs of ovulation- EWCM and what felt like ovulation pains. I'm desperate to be pregnant again so we decided to TTC straight away just in case.

The last 2 days I've had very light spotting, which started at 7DPO (if it even was ovulation!). Earlier than I was expecting for my period (though who knows when that'll show up!) and way lighter, it's barely anything.

So now of course I'm convincing myself it's implantation bleeding, when it's more likely to be either a very light period or just a continuation of the miscarriage bleeding. I've been taking pregnancy tests for the past 3 days, even though I know it's way too early. In fact I think I've had an extremely faint positive on all the tests, which suggests I still have HCG in my system from the last pregnancy, so a new pregnancy is basically impossible. I can't wait for my body to hurry up and sort itself out.

I'm driving myself loopy obsessing over this!!

Athers666 Thu 08-Mar-18 10:13:37

It's just the worst. Before the miscarriage happened, I used to think the 2 week wait was bad enough, this is something else.

Tobebythesea Thu 08-Mar-18 13:53:36

Llondbol - I’m really really sorry to read that.

No AF for me yet. On one hand I don’t want it because then I could (but let’s face it, probably not) be pregnant but on the other I do want it so that I know the retained material is definitely out and then I can start tracking again.

It’s rubbish and awful OP xx

xLeanne128 Fri 09-Mar-18 12:17:26

Yay day 45 and AF has arrived! Actually happy to see it for once. Nice to know body is ok!!

Athers666 Fri 09-Mar-18 12:22:36

@XLeanne128 Yay that your AF came. Can't believe we are all actually hoping for it, but as you say, it means our bodies are ok again. I had a moment in a shop today, the lady serving came out from behind the counter and she had a baby bump. My eyes instantly welled up. Feel silly but seeing pregnant women just sets me off still. Maybe it always will. X

SadWinky Fri 09-Mar-18 12:28:21

Mine were all over the place for first few months - went from usual 26 day cycle to around 50 for a few months. CM was really odd too - and still is - had ridiculous amounts of ewcm but none of the white thicker stuff that you usually get towards when af is due. I now think that I wasn’t ovulating properly at that time but body was trying to. Almost a year on now and things are pretty much back to normal but no luck so far. In theory I’m 12dpo today and testing Sunday. Sorry for your loss OP and everyone and fingers crossed for those waiting to test. It is truly rubbish x

xLeanne128 Fri 09-Mar-18 12:32:13

I know now I've realised it's actually here I am gutted I'm not pregnant but onto the next cycle! Im the same everytime i see a pregnant woman or a baby or one born every minute im jealous! Even though the pain looks dreadful i think i wish that was me haha!! Crazy ladies!! Xx

Athers666 Fri 09-Mar-18 19:46:38

It's so rubbish isn't it. I had a crazy moment today and did a test. BFN of course. I knew it would be, I don't know why I did it. I now feel down and fed up again.

KochabRising Fri 09-Mar-18 19:51:24

They varied between 24 and 38 days, from being quite stable before. I certainly felt things were not settled at all for five months. Big hormonal swings, lots of nausea after ovulation etc. Got pregnant in month six still on the odd cycles. Currently 16 weeks and fingers crossed it’s all ok.

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