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Who do I trust with this?

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Ravenclawmom Tue 13-Feb-18 22:41:21

Hi. Hoping for some answers as who I trust in regards to my "miscarriage.

Late period so home preg test, positive straight away
Seen gp who felt around and said everything was in the right place (ectopic previously so I was worried baby could be growing in other tube)
Seen midwife who put my dates as 8-16 weeks, my lmp put me at 8 weeks, her Palpating my tummy put me at 16 apparently.
She booked me for an emergency scan due to the confusion with how big i was and unsure of gestation. (She said it could be twins but let's not get into that part)
Scan today showed that I have a tilted womb, which is right at the back. Baby was there but no heart beat. Measured perfectly 8 weeks.

She scanned my tummy first, when doing this there was a flickering which she said to me was baby's something (I can't remember the word but made me think of heart beat, could have been cardiac something)

Anyway she said it was too shadowy and baby was small so could she scan internally, she did this for a while then told me she couldn't see a heart beat. She got another scan person in aswel and they agreed with her.

I've been sent home, after speaking to a lovely midwife about what to expect, but now I'm wondering if my gp and midwife could feel baby's placement and I'm measuring as 16 weeks surely the womb can't flop over and be right at the back now? Could my gp AND midwife have been wrong?
Who do I go to for clarity on this? I need some answers, I've never been more confused and upset in my life.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

HidCat Wed 14-Feb-18 07:45:20

My word that is a difficult situation to get your head around. I hope you're doing ok? I would insist on waiting a couple of weeks for another scan and refuse any intervention until it was 100% certain. It is possible, even with the technology available, for sonographers to make a mistake and tilted wombs are notoriously for causing problems with scans. Don't worry too much about measuring 16weeks - my cousin looked full term at 10weeks so it could be just one of those things.

Ravenclawmom Wed 14-Feb-18 10:20:19

Thanks. Yeah I'm waiting it out for the 2 weeks rather than taking anything they suggested.
Thank you for your advice xx

Chattette1 Thu 15-Feb-18 11:15:52

I'm sorry OP that sounds so distressing. Just wanted to say sorry as I think you're doing the right thing waiting to see what happens.

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