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The pain of miscarriage

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Tobebythesea Wed 07-Feb-18 09:31:35

I have one DD and we were (are?) trying for our second. I was 7 weeks pregnant but a scan on Sunday revealed growth stopped at 5 weeks. My miscarriage started on Monday with bleeding and mild cramps, agony at 10pm for an hour of intense contractions and the loss of the sac. I’m still in quite a bit of pain and paracetamol isn’t working. I’ve got a hot water bottle and just got some co-codamol.

I don’t really know why I’m posting but just feel lonely, sad, in pain and anxious about the future. I never realised just how horrible mc is as well as the amount of pain.

Wetwashing00 Wed 07-Feb-18 12:45:49

Sending you my sympathies. 💐
Ive had many mc’s. All painful and all sad.
Keep taking regular meds to ease the pain for a few more days.
Rest if you can, and wishing you the best of luck for next time

TheCatsPaws Thu 08-Feb-18 07:54:28

I’m so sorry. I have a DS yet have had four miscarriages after him. It’s honestly horrible.

Mine are never painful physically (weirdly). I just wanted to say your chances are good. You are NOT likely to have another miscarriage. Obviously it happens, as it has in my case, but one miscarriage is very common. Be kind to yourself

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