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Periods still erratic 4 months after miscarriage

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Cara27 Mon 05-Feb-18 17:34:41

Hi all,

I had a miscarriage in mid October, at 6w3d. Passed everything naturally apart from needing a strong course of antibiotics after 4 weeks as they suspected retained products as my HCG was still higher than they expected. I started my first period after a few days of the antibiotics and the tests went negative after that.

I knew the first few periods would be erratic, but not this erratic! Basically everything is completely different to normal

- Before the miscarriage I would have 25-28 day cycles. Now I've had a 24 day, 33 day, and AF has just arrived today, making my most recent cycle 20 days!
- Before, AF always lasted 5-7 days. Now I've been bleeding for about a week and then spotting for another week, apart from last cycle which was only a couple of days of bleeding and a couple of spotting (even though that was the long cycle)!
- Before, I always went straight from nothing into full flow, now I'm spotting for a day or two first. And on the short cycles that's given me false hope that it could be an implantation bleed sad
- I'm used to very painful periods (I have endometriosis), but it's been a different type of pain since the miscarriage. The first few days have been like bad indigestion (which was how I felt on the first day of my mc) and then the normal cramps kick in.
- I also don't think I'm ovulating (no EWCM since mc and no positive opk).

And that's just the main things! Is it still too early to expect things to be settling down a little or should I be seeing someone about this? We were TTC for 4 years before the mc so I'm desperate to get my body back to normal so we can conceive again!


edithsleek2 Tue 06-Feb-18 11:31:17

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Worriedscot2207 Wed 07-Feb-18 13:04:47

Hi cara27 so sorry for your loss 💐
I wanted to reply to your post as I’m going through the exact same thing and didn’t want to read n run!

My cycles are all over the place post MC 4 months ago. Took me over 4 wks to get 1st period back, and now my cycles are varying from 24 days -27 days! Periods now lasting 4 days and spotting the day before when this never happened prior to pregnancy and was 5-7 days.
Ovulation didn’t happen when it should’ve (been using trackers and OPK cheapies). But finally this month I did ovulate and that was CD10 which is way early for me but I did DTD plenty so now I’m on the tww!
Have you been to the Docs about your irregular periods & painful cramps? I went to gp after miscarriage and she did say it will take time for it all to sort itself out but I have a Gynae appt next month so hoping they can shed a light to what’s going on?!
I hope you get answers soon as it really doesn’t help with the added stress of ttc xox

Backenette Wed 07-Feb-18 13:11:42

I had similar. Mc at seven weeks. Very painful with a lot of blood. I suspect it was ectopic from the location and severity of the pain.
It took five months for it to start to settle, and even then the cycles were ranging between 24-38 days. I could sort of feel everything wasn’t quite settled. No positive opks and no ewcm either.
Got a positive opk and fell pregnant in month six after the mc. Even at that point my cycles were still off.

I’d give it another two months. If you’re in severe pain or very heavy bleeding at any point of course get seen. But yes, it can take a few months to get back on track - all the ‘you can start ttc ing immediately’ talk sort of gives you the impression everything just reboots but that wasn’t my experience. Give it maybe two more cycles - talk to your gynae now and ask for an appt in eight weeks time maybe.

Worriedscot2207 Wed 07-Feb-18 14:35:17

Really good advice Backenette it’s good to hear that a positive does come through in the end and congratulations on your pregnancy! I really hope this one sticks for you and all the best in health for next 9 months! Xox

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