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Peanutsmummy1 Sun 04-Feb-18 22:00:14

This is a really long story, but I am going to try and explain the best I can! So 5 days ago, we had an appointment with our midwife, to take bloods and get all my information and my partners information. The midwife then told me she wanted me to go for our first scan the day after, which we were not expecting as in the UK you only get two scans (one at approximately 12 weeks and another at 20 weeks to find out the gender). But because my partner is CF carrier and my midwife wanted me to get checked for it as I have never been checked, the midwife wanted to know how far gone I am so I could have that test done. Anyway, we were over the moon to find out we were going to see our little one for the first time. We go there on Wednesday at 2pm, bare in mind this is my first pregnancy and my first scan. We got there, the two woman’s were lovely until we got to do the scan. The woman took ages to say anything and I got a feeling that something was wrong. She then turned around and pointed to the screen and said “see this here? here’s your sack but there’s nothing inside” Which I straight away started to cry! How could someone give news like that? she then said we could of gotten the dates wrong. I kept crying and she kept pouring it out how something should of been there, instead of letting me have a minute to compose myself. My midwife told me my due date was 31 of August and I am 10 weeks! I found an app (BabyCentre) as everyone told me was the best one they have used, and I put my first day of my last period which was the 23 of November of 2017 and it says my due date is 30 of September 2018 and I am 6 weeks today! We have to go back on the 14 of February for another scan and the if the things are still the same I will have to take some pills to basically abort. Can anyone help me or give me some advise if they have been through the same thing? I’m going insane knowing I have to wait so long to find out what’s happening!!!!

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Megbh88 Sun 04-Feb-18 22:25:44


I know exactly how you must be feeling, please keep strong and think positive.

I have experienced the same twice, being told I had got my dates wrong but unfortunately for me the dates weren't wrong the baby had just stopped developing. The first time it happened I was convinced everything would be ok but the second I did expect the worse.

Sorry I can't be one who shines a positive light on it but I'm sure this has happened to many others and the baby was absolutely fine.

I've just suffered my third miscarriage and it never gets easier.

Sending lots of love. X

Chattette Sun 04-Feb-18 22:48:22

Hi OP. I'm so sorry. The same thing happened to me with my first pregnancy in November only it was discovered at my first scan just before twelve weeks. I'm so sorry you're going through this it is a horrendous shock and incredibly traumatic.

I had to have an MVA to remove the pregnancy sac (awful way to describe the process) and it's been a long road coming to terms with things. At the moment you need to look after yourself and know you haven't done anything wrong, and horrendous though this is it is more common than you would think. This doesn't affect your chances of going on and having a perfectly healthy pregnancy in the future.

I'm sorry, take care.

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