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4th miscarriage and feeling very lost

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madharri123 Wed 31-Jan-18 10:35:14

Hello everyone!

I have been reading the recurrent miscarriages threads for the last few weeks and have found so much great information, comfort and (unexpected) humour here and as I’ve laughed and cried with you I thought I’d introduce myself and see if anyone has any ideas/insights about what I should do next.

I’m 38 (39 in March) and have suffered 4 early miscarriages.
1st - 4 yrs ago @ 6 wks (with my ex)
2nd - Jan 2017@ 6 wks
3rd - August 2017@10 wks. But had a private scan (as local hospital couldn’t see me until 3 days later and I wanted to get as much info as possible, as it was finally dawning on me that this wasn’t just bloody bad luck, and found that it was a missed miscarriage - the baby had stopped growing at 6 weeks.

Had the usual 1st round tests - all came back normal (eventually as the hospital lost the 1st set of results).

4th - Dec 2017@8 weeks. Baby was only measuring 5 weeks so went back a week later to confirm it had died, and had a d&c on Jan 2nd 2018. (I had taken aspirin 75mg, folic acid 5mg and vit D 800iu since TTC on this cycle)

The karyotyping results are back and I got a call from my consultant’s secretary yesterday to tell me that the baby was “chromosomally abnormal” and to book us both in for blood tests to test us in order to exclude “balanced chromosome rearrangement.”

Obviously I consulted Dr Google as soon as I was off the phone (and am awaiting the actual letter to come through) - but really I’m non the wiser as it seems to suggest that a healthy baby is still a possibility even if we are found to have these rearrangements: but should I be looking at some sort of IVF now where they can choose a healthy embryo? I had been planning on booking in to the Coventry Clinic when I ovulate in a couple of weeks. Is this now the wrong path?

We have been referred to Kings recurrent miscarriage clinic, Denmark Hill - but our appointment isn’t until mid April. Every time I have conceived it has happened the 1st month we try (I think this may suggest hyper fertility, non-choosy uterus?).

I have just read “It begins with the egg” as I saw on here that many people have found it helpful, and we have embarked on the supplements regimen recommended. Basically I feel how a lot of us feel on this bloody journey: exhausted, broken, sad and hopeless - but now I’m adding confused to the list!
Thanks for reading through such a long message. Any advice would be most gratefully received.

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TheCatsPaws Wed 31-Jan-18 12:41:34

I don’t have any advice, but I empathise. I’m going through my fourth miscarriage right now.

I’m 23 and in the last year, had a missed miscarriage at 7 weeks, two chemical pregnancies at 5 weeks and yesterday found out my baby had died at 7 weeks. It’s shit. In my case, it’s strange because I have a two year old. He was fine, yet every pregnancy since has failed.

I also conceive within 1-2 months of trying. My problem isn’t getting pregnant, it’s that I can’t stay pregnant.

IVF with genetic screening can be used in scenarios where chromosomal issues are the cause, although I think you still have a good chance of having a healthy baby naturally. That being said, if I turn out to have that issue, I think I would go toward IVF to try and avoid the emotional pain of more miscarriages.

1sttimeunicorn Wed 31-Jan-18 13:28:05

So sorry for your losses.
I had three losses prior to having my DS. Our third loss was tested and came back showing trisomy 13.
Because of this we were told we needed to have genetic tests even though 13 can’t be passed on. The tests came back fine but scared us both at the time.
The nhs tests for clotting issues also came back negative. I felt utterly lost.
In the end we went to a private clinic run by Dr Shehata. You can google him. He specialises in immunity issues being a cause of miscarriage. I was diagnosed with high killer cells and given a treatment plan which, after a few months, resulted in a successful ongoing pregnancy.
My DS was born last year.
Coventry do a similar treatment programme to Shehata. I believe the treatment is similar although the testing is different.
I think it’s possible to be referred to miscarriage specialists on the nhs.

Finally regarding the genetic thing, all the experts I have asked said that the more losses you have, the less likely it is that you carry a problem in your genetics.

Take care and don’t lose hope.

madharri123 Wed 31-Jan-18 15:37:28

Thanks so much for your messages.

TheCatsPaws - You’re quite right - it is utterly shit and I’m sorry you’re going through it again. Will you have karyotyping done?

1sttimeunicorn - congratulations on your DS! And thanks for the words of hope. I will indeed look into Dr Shehata - we thought we’d try Coventry as they’ve written quite a few papers and can see you so straightforwardly and quickly (before our nhs appointment), and the NHS refuse to acknowledge NK cells so it had to be 1 of them. So far our experience of the NHS has been pretty mediocre/poor (which is such a shame as I’m an NHS pharmacist and think it’s generally a wonderful institution) - although this is our local hospital so really hoping things will improve as we move on, so we may well end up going private as I feel that time is running out. Also - that’s hugely encouraging about more losses may mean less likelihood of genetic problems.

Thanks again and good luck to us all x

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TheCatsPaws Wed 31-Jan-18 15:48:35

MadHarri yes we are going to have karyotyping. I’ve booked in for surgery after much deciding and they will test the baby.

I’ve also found the NHS to be a bit rubbish in this area.

madharri123 Fri 02-Feb-18 15:27:56

TheCatsPaws - good luck with surgery (don’t know if you’ve ever had a d&c before, but my most recent MC ended this way and the recovery seemed much quicker than the others, which left me naturally). All the best x

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RoseGoldLove Tue 07-Jul-20 14:27:58

Hi @madharri123 I know this post is a few years old but I've just had my fourth chemical pregnancy and am looking for answers. If you have any useful info then please let me know.

madharri123 Tue 14-Jul-20 10:12:34

@RoseGoldLove Hello and so sorry we meet on this miserable page. There is so much hope - we had a very disappointing (pointless, mediocre) appointment at Kings with more platitudes about bad luck and trying again. We went to Coventry where we saw Prof Brosens. He was the first person to take a proper history and actually listen and talk to us. He did the NK cell test and when we went back for results my results were fine - but he was v confident it was hyper fertility. He prescribed progesterone and I did have a 5th miscarriage, but then he doubled my dose and I immediately went on to have a successful pregnancy and now have a one year old little boy. My experience at Coventry was absolutely brilliant - compared to my NHS journey it was night and day: professional and empathetic - I would strongly recommend a trip there. I would love to see if another child is possible and have my name down for an appointment when Covid allows. Any specific questions - I'd be delighted to answer x

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RoseGoldLove Tue 14-Jul-20 11:05:24

Hi @madharri123 that is wonderful news that you got your happy ending eventually, wishing you all the best for baby number 2!

I am luckily covered through private medical care at work but not having much luck so far (maybe I am being very impatient). Tests I have so far include:
Internal scan: normal
Thrombophillia: normal
Progesterone: a little low but have a repeat test later this month (on day 1)
THS, FSH, LH and Oestradiol: all normal
Prolactin: this is sky high, got a result of 1500 (normal range is 100-500). Been asked to go back to the GP and get re-tested as they think it could be stress.

I've been told if I get pregnant again then I can have progesterone but I fear even by then it'll be too late.

My next steps are:
- Progesterone repeat later this month
- Thromphophillia repeat in August
- Emailed GP this morning at Prolactin

If all these still come back normal then I will be referred to the recurring miscarriage clinic at St Marys in Paddington. I think for us it is just a waiting game now.

Did you get the karyotyping tests done on the NHS?

Thank you so much for reply - really appreciate it!

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