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Does it ever end!?

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Disneyrules Thu 18-Jan-18 17:51:01

So....where to begin!? Sorry for the long post. I had a mc at 10 weeks on 7th Dec, this was my 2nd first was at 5 wks back in sept. We had been ttc for over 18 months so was surprised how in quick concession I was able to get pregnant. I was so happy...particularly as i am slightly overweight so they said losing weight would help (its a work in progress). What I need advice on really is the length of time I have now been bleeding. I experienced severe heavy bleeding for about 3 days passing huge clots. I had an internal about 4 days after the bleeding happened and they said I had passed everything and should only have a few small clots and not much more bleeding. They said to do a test in 3 weeks and if it didn't come back as negative to go back. I waited the 3 weeks and the test was still a faint positive...I thought I'd leave it another week and did another one and it was negative. What I'm confused about though is why I'm still bleeding. For well over 3 weeks now I have had blood/pinky tinged clear cervical mucus in large amounts everytime i wipe and am still occasionally passing small clots. Its been non stop for 6 weeks. About 3 days ago I started bleeding more like a period enough to cover a pad....Could this be my period even though I've been bleeding constantly since!? It can go from being like a period to spotting ...It's very inconsistent. I was reluctant to get medical management because I thought it would pass naturally but surely 6 weeks if not more of bleeding isn't right!? I so dont know what to do, i feel in limbo and like I can't move on...It's worse as between my first and second miscarriage I was also made redundant so just at home constantly thinking about it. The doctors never measured my levels...should I maybe go back? They've been very unsupportive and not given me any guidance really apart from to loose weight for next time. Sorry for rambling xxxx

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MuumyPamper Tue 23-Jan-18 19:19:31

Sorry to read your story so far. I am currently going through my first mc at 10 weeks pregant and was wondering how long the bleeding went on for and how much to expect because it seems to be really unclear from what I've read it seems to have gone on for upto 8 +weeks for some people. Did you find out if your period could start strait after I'd also really like to know this as it would help me understand and look out for a difference in bleeding. Sorry to read about your job, I'm lucky to have our toddler keeping me busy through this time which for the most part I'm greatful to him for. I've seen a lot of support groups advertised, maybe see if there are any in your area to go along to? It might help to speak to others in a similar situation at least to gather enough information to try to work out what's normal and what's not. I managed to drag myself out today for tea and cake and it really helped so I would also recommend just getting out and about as much as possible I know it's painful but I think it might help keep your mind busy. I'm someone who finds work a great distraction at times like this so maybe use this upset emotion you have and try to turn it into passion for getting back into work to give you something to focus on or better said distract you? X

Disneyrules Sat 27-Jan-18 17:15:32

Hello lovely, sorry I've only just seen this. I'm so sorry you're going through this too. I've now been bleeding for over 7 weeks. I had to go to a and e last week as I was experiencing excruciating pain. They did nothing. So I went to my GP the day after and they were horrified that they just sent me away. Needless to say I have an infection and I have retained tissue. I can't stress enough if the bleeding goes on longer than probably 3 or 4 weeks put your foot down and be persistent with them to re-scan. I wish I'd gone back sooner and not waited until I was in pain. They did say from my scan they thought my body had tried having a period however because everything's a bit of a mess at the moment it's hard to tell. Hear if you need to chat xxx

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