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Period after miscarriage - mucous (sorry!)

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Hobbes39 Thu 11-Jan-18 23:34:38

Hi, just wanted to check if this is normal or not - had a miscarriage at 7.5 / 8 weeks in December and Now started my first period since the miscarriage (my HCG Levels returned to 0 about xmas). I was spotting for the last 4 days but today have started properly bleeding, but (Sorry for TMI) have noticed it's very mucousy at the same time.... should I be worried about an infection? How do you know if you have an infection? Or is it just hormones taking time to settle?
Thanks x

MrsMac1489 Sun 14-Jan-18 01:18:51

Hi sweet, your first period following a mc will be different. Not necessarily heavier, or more painful. Just different to what you are used to. Don't worry. Things will settle down, you'll find your next period should be back to normal.

Hope18 Thu 18-Jan-18 07:38:25

@Hobbes39 I would say this is normal, my MC happened at around 7 weeks and I would say I had a lot of mucousy/ strange textured discharge and other tissue etc before AF and then once AF was here it was a celebration as it meant by body was somehow getting back to “normal” even though AF only lasted 2 days that cycle ! Your body just needs time to heal and to clean itself, I would say unless any funny smells or pain I wouldn’t worry yourself too much :-)

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