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I should be holding a newborn right now.

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Mammabear31 Wed 20-Dec-17 20:36:58

Instead I'm on my sofa feeling like shit.

I miscarried my second child in May. I came to terms with it but it's suddenly hit me that the baby was due a week ago, and I should be sat here snuggling a gorgeous newborn right now. And it's like it's happened all over again.

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seastargirl Wed 20-Dec-17 20:39:47

I feel you, I should be 32 weeks now and would have been having her in Jan due to a planned early section, but she died at 22 weeks, it's just the worst feeling isn't it. Be kind to yourself and just grieve as you need too.

Helbelle75 Wed 20-Dec-17 20:40:13

I hear you. Our baby would have been 1 in december. Be kind to yourself.

GoulashSoup Wed 20-Dec-17 20:41:49

I’m so sorry @Mammabear31 it is hard when you have a realisation like that. I’m sorry you lost your little one and that you feel the ache of empty arms today. I have been there too and it is bitterly sad. Big hugs, be gentle with yourself xx

northdownmummy Wed 20-Dec-17 20:45:26

Oh you poor thing, be kind to yourself and just allow yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling. I can totally relate to this. I was lucky enough to fall pregnant again just before the due date of the baby I miscarried but I was still surprised at the intensity of my grief and anger. All the firsts were hard, then this year I realised that the anniversary of the date I miscarried was past and I’d missed it. Time may not heal but it helps. Hope you have someone to speak to in real life

TakeMe2Insanity Wed 20-Dec-17 22:08:59

I’m so sorry for your loss.

My may miscarriage should be 1 month old. My recent miscarriage should have me 22 weeks now.

I hope this gets easier for all of us.

mammyoftwo Wed 20-Dec-17 22:12:26

flowers to all who've gone through this.

DontBuyANewMumCashmere Wed 20-Dec-17 22:12:41

Oh it's so fucking sad isn't it. I was supposed to have DC2 in September and that really hurt. I keep picturing what would have been...
I should have my 'second' DC2 in Feb but that isn't happening either...

Then several of my friends have got pregnant and had kids since my two MCs and I just feel all despondent...

flowers to everyone

CarbyDiem Wed 20-Dec-17 22:14:26

My ectopic baby would have been 16 this week. It gets easier but you never forget.

rainbowruthie Wed 20-Dec-17 22:14:27

flowers and kind thoughts

Violletta Wed 20-Dec-17 22:16:34

flowers and hugs xx
I lost my first at 14 weeks, that was 17 years ago, but somewhere out there, she's waiting for me (I was sure she was a she)

Mammabear31 Wed 20-Dec-17 22:20:57

So many of us hurting. Sorry to you all, but sorry is never enough is it. flowers

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welshsoph Thu 21-Dec-17 19:39:59

I should have had my 20 week scan last week. I was so looking forward to finding out if we were having a boy or girl.
That's a lovely thought @Violletta, that your little girl is out there waiting for you x

rachsl8 Sat 23-Dec-17 21:16:25

sorry to you all, I miscarried at 13 weeks in early November and was due for my 20 week scan this coming week. My period also arrived yesterday. I thought I had come to terms with things but its brought about a whole wave of emotions and struggling a little today. visiting this forum and talking to you lovely ladies brings me comfort in knowing I'm not alone. its helpful because I just don't think the people around me understand. xx

seastargirl Sun 31-Dec-17 23:28:12

Goodness tonight is hard, the thought of what 2018 should be bringing but isn't. I hope that you're all doing ok.

rachsl8 Sun 31-Dec-17 23:46:17

Sending you hugs @seastargirl it’s difficult and know exactly what you mean. It’s hard to look forward, to be honest I just want to get back to work and stuck into a routine again to take my mind off things. Despite that though I am determined that 2018 will be a better year for us all x

UnicornsandRainbows1 Sun 31-Dec-17 23:54:32

Would be 15 weeks today (due 24th June), and 37 weeks tomorrow (due 22nd January). I'm not sure how I remember every single piece of information still but I do, and I don't think I'll forget it. Thinking of you all. I really hope 2018 brings us some happiness

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