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Underactive thyroid and miscarriage

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Mimithehamster Wed 13-Dec-17 20:44:18

Can anyone help me - Ive had 3 recurrent miscarriages (the last one being at 12 weeks) and following tests with the consultant ive tested positive for APS (sticky blood) and also for underactive thyroid.
Ive been started on levothyroxine to try and get my tsh below 2 for the next pregnancy and have a treatment plan for when i do get pregnant again using baby aspirin and having daily clexane injections.
My problem is im finding it so hard to take the levothyroxine as its causing me vertigo. I was started on 50 mcg but my heart was racing so lowered to a tiny dose of 25 mcg which is fine for the palpitations but the vertigo and dizziness is still there. I stopped it for a few days just to be sure and it went away so i know its that. I dont know how i can continue on it but i also need my tsh to be lower for another baby.
Did anybody experience anything similar when starting levothyroxine and did any side effects go away after your body got used to it?
Please help!!!

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Howtosurvive Fri 15-Dec-17 08:08:22

Have you spoken to your consultant to see if there is a different drug you can try instead?

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