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Very long period after MC

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ApplesTheHare Wed 06-Dec-17 18:23:24

Hi, has anyone else found their first period after a mc unusually long? I usually bleed for about 6 days but I'm on day 11 and it doesn't seem to be stopping...

ThunderboltsLightning Wed 06-Dec-17 18:26:21

Not so much very long bit yes, quite wonky! After both my mcs, I had a very light period followed by a very heavy one. It was after the heavy ones that my cycles kicked back in and I ovulated, though both times quite a bit later than usual.

thingymaboob Wed 06-Dec-17 18:40:18

I bled for about two weeks after my miscarriage. It all normalised the next month 💐

purpleflower23 Wed 06-Dec-17 18:40:30

Unfortunately, yes! I guess it just takes your body a while to get back to 'normal'. Thinking of you xx

ApplesTheHare Wed 06-Dec-17 19:16:47

Thanks everyone. I bled for about 3 weeks after the mc itself and then had about 3 weeks off and, bam, this never-ending period. Hopefully it is just everything getting back to normal. I can't wait to feel normal again instead of weak and dizzy. I went for a run today but it made the bleeding heavier again so am going to try and rest and hopefully that will help too.

thingymaboob Wed 06-Dec-17 19:37:06

@ApplesTheHare I took floradix after my miscarriage whilst I was bleeding. Make sure your iron is replenished.

ApplesTheHare Wed 06-Dec-17 19:38:44

Thanks thingymaboob, did your GP prescribe it? I'm wondering whether to make an appointment with mine as I'm starting to feel like I did after having a PPH when DD was born.

thingymaboob Wed 06-Dec-17 19:48:32

I just started taking floradix which I bought over the counter. It's really good imo but you might want to get your iron levels checked to see if you need prescription strength

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