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Question about ovulation

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OneLastTime18 Wed 06-Dec-17 17:36:51

I miscarried end of October at 8 weeks and I'm still bleeding but only very lightly. Not had a period yet. My pregnancy test has gone back to negative (has been that way for a week now), and I did an ovulation test this morning that now says positive. Do I trust the ovulation test? Is there such a thing as a false positive? I really hope I am ovulating so we can try again! We dtd this morning when I got the result and now I'm hopeful but don't want to build my hopes up too high!
As you can see I'm a bit obsessed at the moment!
I did an ovulation test on Monday morning which was negative and now on Wednesday morning it's positive. I also did a it another one this afternoon and that one was positive too.
Am I safe to TTC?

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flumpybear Wed 06-Dec-17 17:48:57

Unless you've been advised against it then try TC immediately, lots of people think you're more likely to conceive after MC I also found this multiple times with 1 successful cheeky beautiful 9 year old wink
Good luck, and relax a bit too

OneLastTime18 Wed 06-Dec-17 18:01:23

Aww that's so lovely to hear about your 9 year old smile
Am I ok to TTC even if I'm still having light bleeding? I'm not in any pain.

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