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Dizzy during early miscarriage

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betterlatte Mon 04-Dec-17 13:53:43

This is my fourth early miscarriage but I can't quite remember if i felt dizzy/lightheaded with the previous ones. I am pretty sure I feel this way because of the blood loss (I often get dizzy spells on my period) but just curious if anyone else has had this In a straightforward early miscarriage? I only ask because google suggests ruling out ectopic pregnancy but my gut is telling me it's just a normal miscarriage symptom? Anyone else have experience of this?

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Lavendersparkles Wed 20-Dec-17 10:45:09


It is normal to feel dizzy with blood loss. Have you lost a lot of blood? How many weeks were you? I was 11 weeks and went very dizzy as my blood pressure dropped and losing a lot of blood.

Sorry for your loss. It's a horrible feeling I completely understand. flowers

betterlatte Wed 20-Dec-17 14:27:06

Hi Lavender. Thank you so much for responding to this message. It really means a lot to me. I actually posted this a couple of weeks ago and since then am feeling a lot better, I had a blood test which showed I have low iron - I assume this is from the blood loss but the doc advised that I take iron pills for 3 months and then get retested. But I guess that explains the dizziness. I too am sorry to hear about your loss. I think I was only around 6 weeks on this occasion, which is about the same as the previous times too (always between 5 and 7 weeks). I've been referred to the gynaecologist to investigate.

I blabbed a little there but just wanted to say thanks for responding!!

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Lavendersparkles Wed 20-Dec-17 14:39:44

You're very welcome. I'm new to this site or I would have replied sooner. I joined to speak with people who have been through this as well. Fingers crossed we are both lucky next time. I'm just waiting for a regular period then we will try again. The bleeding from miscarriage has stopped and I've been told my period will be 4 weeks later and heavier than normal.
I'm so scared it will happen again though but I'm determined to try again. If you struggle with low iron then I'd recommend the pregnancy vitamins. I'm sure the pregnacare ones have iron in them and it comes in medicine form too if like me you struggle with big tablets.

betterlatte Thu 21-Dec-17 07:06:43

Hi again lavender, thanks for the advice. I found iron tablets that have the same dose of folic acid I was taking anyway so have started taking those to have one less pill I need to take every day. Even tho I have now had four miscarriages, I had my son after my first miscarriage (then three after). So I'm hopeful that next time you'll have a successful pregnancy. Because I had my son after the first one, I wasn't even worried when I miscarried after having him because I thought it was just one of those things and the next time would be fine. But now after three in a row it's finally sinking in that something might be wrong.

I saw some accounts of women online saying they were told low iron is what caused their miscarriage. I have no idea if that's possible or true but I'm really hoping that's the case so it's an easy fix!! So we're going to start trying again asap. No idea when my period will start again.

Anyway, I hope my story about the multiple miscarriages doesn't put you off, and that my successful pregnancy after my first one makes you feel positive about it all.

Did they ever tell you why they thought you miscarried? We haven't been told why or even possibly why, but maybe because it was so early every time. Which I am thankful for. I can only imagine the later the pregnancy the harder it is thanks

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Lavendersparkles Thu 21-Dec-17 07:42:23


They didn't say why it happened they just said there's a 1 in 4 chance it happens and usually because there is not enough information to continue the process so the body removes it. They just said it's nothing I had done. My blood tests all came back fine, I don't drink or smoke. They said I was healthy and it's just something that happens sometimes. Fingers crossed for next time. My friends have been in the same situation too and were successful the next time. I worried it was our age I'm 32 he is 40)

Low iron can definitely be an issue as the doctor kept asking if I'd started on follic acid and iron tablets. I really hope it happens for you this time.
I was fortunate that it was an early miscarriage and was easy to remove. They discussed a blood transfusion and an operation at one point which luckily I didn't need in the end. At least through this experience my fear of needles has gone.

WasDoingFine Thu 21-Dec-17 07:49:04

A friend of mine has had a MMC at 10 weeks (no HB on scan) and is going to hospital today to take a tablet. She then has to return Saturday for pesseries.

What should she expect? She is so scared

Lavendersparkles Thu 21-Dec-17 08:15:52


Has she had bleeding? I didn't think a heartbeat would be felt at 10 weeks. When I had a miscarriage I woke up with stomach cramps and heavy bleeding. The bleeding was so heavy we had to get an ambulance. No amount of sanitary towels would stop it. At 10 weeks she may need a minor operation to remove the tissue etc or all may be fine and nothing to worry about.

WasDoingFine Thu 21-Dec-17 11:21:44

Only Slight bleeding. Heartbeat should be seen on scan from aprrox 6 weeks

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