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TTC after MMC and D&C

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WishfulThinking27 Thu 30-Nov-17 10:18:43

Hi everyone I have been lurking on these boards for a while now but wanted to speak to someone about this. Firstly I am sorry we all have to be here. My background is age 31, TTC#1 and hit pregnant on cycle 5 of TTC on September. 3 weeks ago when I was 11+4 with my pregnancy I had a tiny amount of bleeding and went to EPU to be on the safe side but had no cramps and thought everything would be fine. I had not been scanned at all during my pregnancy by that point.

The hospital scanned me that afternoon and I found out I had a MMC blighted ovum. Devastated is not the word. Myself and DH (who luckily was there) were stunned and it was the saddest day of my life.

My body was not recognising I wasn't pregnant so I went in for a D&C a few days later which was ok. I am now very keen to become pregnant again. Before this all happened I had long ish cycles (about 34 days) and tended to ovulate CD20-22. The day before yesterday I had EWCM and again yesterday, nothing today. Counting my D&C as CD1 today would be CD16 so I would have seen the EWCM on CD14.

Does anyone have experience of conceiving again or ovulating after a D&C? Usually I would have a few days (up to a week) of EWCM but only 2 days this time. We did DTD earlier this week (that was emotionally very hard) so I'm being stupidly hopeful that something may have happened. Thanks if you've got this far.

Kej13 Thu 30-Nov-17 20:23:01

I'm so sorry for your loss sad I don't really have much advice only that I've been in pretty much exactly the same position. I had an mmc in July at 12 weeks with my first, no signs anything was wrong and only found out at my scan. I had medical management which was awful and meant I had to have a d&c. We've been ttc since with no luck but I know everyone's different so I'll keep my fingers crossed for you 😊 I hope you get your rainbow baby soon, it isn't fair what some of us have to go through is it xxx

WishfulThinking27 Thu 30-Nov-17 21:43:15

Hi Kej I've seen some of your posts on here I'm very sorry for your loss. It seems our MMC were similar in the way they were discovered around the same time. It's utterly heartbreaking. I don't know about you but I feel like the only thing that will make me feel better is conceiving again (although I know if I am lucky enough to do so I will be a nervous wreck.) I have no idea when I'll be ovulating and part of me thinks I did a couple of days ago and missed it.

I know I need to calm down and stop obsessing but I think it's just my way of coping with the shock and grief.

WishfulThinking27 Thu 30-Nov-17 21:44:00

Sorry meant to add - fingers crossed for you I am hoping and praying you get a BFP and successful pregnancy very soon.

Wolfiefan Thu 30-Nov-17 21:49:09

I'm so sorry you're both going through this. I had a mmc with my first. No signs anything was off. Scan at 13 weeks. It hadn't grown past 6 weeks. As I hadn't mc naturally I had an ERPC.
I had no idea this could even happen. I thought if I got to 12 weeks things were unlikely to go wrong.
I had one period before trying again and three or four months later was pg again. He's now a teenager!
Just because it has happened again doesn't mean it will again. You can go on to have a baby (I had two.)
But it's hard. Really hard. You're grieving. Be kind to yourself and take care. flowers

WishfulThinking27 Thu 30-Nov-17 22:54:19

Thanks wolfiefan it's great to hear positive stories such as yours and I'm sorry for what you went through. Your story does give me hope as since all this has happened I weirdly feel like it was inevitable and I was stupid to ever get my hopes up and think this could happen for me. It's strange, probably just a combination of shock and grief.

I really want to start feeling and being more positive about everything but have good and bad moments.

Wolfiefan Thu 30-Nov-17 23:06:42

That's just how I felt!
I sank into a bit of a depression. Felt it would never happen for us. But at the same time was desperate (and terrified) to try again.
Good luck.

Kej13 Fri 01-Dec-17 19:22:29

@wishfulthinking sorry I've only just seen this! I feel exactly the same, won't be back to myself until I get pregnant again, which isn't happening for us 😔 I hope you have better luck than us and if you ever need to talk you know where I am 😊Xxx

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