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First Period after Missed Miscarriage

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tweedles1511 Thu 30-Nov-17 08:59:44

Hi Ladies

I found out yesterday that I have suffered delayed / missed miscarriage. I had started light bleeding Tuesday night, went in for my pre planned reassurance scan which happened to be the next day and there was clearly nothing in the gestational sac which only measured 6 weeks. No heartbeat, no foetal pole, nothing.

I had a lack of symptoms for the week before and a feeling that all was not well plus some cramping/ unusual twinges so it didn't come as a huge surprise but obviously we are gutted but want to start trying again as soon as possible as I didn't want a massive age gap between DS who is 2 and a second baby.

My question is does my next cycle start as day 1 of the bleeding. The early scan centre was a private clinic and she gave me absolutely no info on what to expect just referred me to local EPU where I will be scanned again Tuesday.

The bleeding has come on exactly when my period should have been due and so far has just been like a normal, if anything lighter than normal, period. So I guess I'm wondering if maybe my body absorbed the pregnancy very early at 6 weeks or even earlier and if now the bleed is simply my first period? Maybe I'm wishful thinking and the MC is going to get a lot worse but at the moment it feels just like a normal period that is tailing off now.

Took 6 months for that BFP so anxious to get off to the right start with trying again so would appreciate any thoughts.

WishfulThinking27 Fri 01-Dec-17 14:32:36

Sorry for your loss. I had the same thing but discovered it at 11+4 so had a D&C as my body didn't recognise I wasn't pregnant and the sac kept growing.

Happy to be corrected but from what I was told bleeding counts as CD1 but depending on the level of HCG in your system it could take periods a bit longer than usual to return, 4-6 weeks.

I counted my D&C as CD1 and I actually think I ovulated on CD15 so have been TTC but I can't guarantee I have ovulated. There's no reason for you to wait so once the bleeding has stopped you can continue trying again. People say you can be more fertile after a loss I hope that's true.

Good luck.

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