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Geffy76 Tue 28-Nov-17 20:51:26

I had my first mc this year 17th May at 8 weeks and my second on October 8th at 11 weeks.

After my mc in October my hgc levels returned to normal by the 27th. I was anaemic when I first mc but back to normal now. I then started my period on the 31st October .

I ovulated and had sex on the 12th of November. On the 20th November I had my mc bloods tests in readiness for my appt with a miscarriage specialist on 22nd December.

I started spotting on the 21st November dark blood for days which has now turned to bright red blood and showing no signs of stopping as yet, doesn't look like period blood and doesn't feel like a period, no sore boobs or sore tummy.

Looking for some advice please

Ella99 Thu 30-Nov-17 19:52:22

Could the bleeding be implant bleeding? As you said before you had sex so possibly very early signs of pregnancy? If this isn't the case then maybe it's your period.

Or possibly it could be the last bleeding from your previous mc but I doubt that. Periods after mc are always all over the place, sorry I couldn't be much help! X thanks

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