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Hcg levels dropped in early pregnancy

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Npdp Sun 19-Nov-17 00:32:06

Thought I would share my story with you all ...
I found out I was pregnant I was very happy thrilled tbh . Then the bleeding started 2 weeks later ...
Going to the doctors and working out the dates I was told I was around 6 weeks pregnant ... after discovering bleeding I immediately went to the hospital and they did 2 pregnancy tests . These came back negative . I immediately through I lost it and the bleeding would make sense. May I add the bleeding was really heavy just like a normal period .. They did took my blood tests and that came back pregnant with my hcg levels at 68 this was low I was told . The doctor then checked my cervix which was closed and she told me I hadn't miscarried but told me to come back 2 days later to check my hcg levels as they are expected to double.
Went back 2 days later and they have dropped to 10 hcg and I was told I had miscarried ..
Now got to go back again next week to make sure the levels have completely dropped
Part of me still feels hope but I know I have miscarried. Has anyone else been through this????

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Emmachook Sun 19-Nov-17 18:34:33

I'm so sorry to hear you're going through this! This has happened to me just over 2 weeks ago! I had some pain and bled lightly for 2 days went to the doctors and after blood tests they discovered I was pregnant with a hcg level of 273 didn't tell me until the following week that I was pregnant and they thought it was ectopic so rushed to hospital had an internal (nothing to show) and blood hcg level dropped to 9 so I had lost the baby sad I know exactly how you feel hun and it's so awful! I've even went back to my doctors this week as I'm still getting positive pregnancy tests when even doc said I shouldn't be! I have sent myself absolutely nutty with this and waiting on bloods back tomorrow! I would do what I didn't do and wait for your results as usually when your hcg levels drop then unfortunately it is a mcsad xx

Npdp Sun 19-Nov-17 22:50:38

So sorry to hear your going through the same thing hun it is awful . I have to go back Tuesday for blood tests just to check it has completely dropped. I will keep you updated and thank you for replying !! Xx

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