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Loss of two embryos, IVF/ICSI related

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Flameredbus Wed 22-Nov-17 16:16:12

Hi OP I am going through this now and i have thought it seems so strange. At a scan at 7 weeks two empty sacs were seen. Two blighted ovums seems such rotten luck and i am now worried about the quality of my remaining frozen embryos :0*(

cluecu Thu 16-Nov-17 13:49:08

Thanks Moggle. I have posted there also, I was really posting on this section as it's related to the miscarriage side of things. What is bothering me about this miscarriage is that they both developed in the womb and stopped at the same time, but they were separately created embryos so that seems such a coincidence to me. I wondered if it had happened to other people on here too.

Thank you for the flowers.

Yes of course, the first cycle we transferred two as well but got a BFN and a bleed. The 2nd cycle we didn't get to transfer stage as they only had one egg to work with despite the stimulation drugs it didn't successfully develop after fertilisation.

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moggle Thu 16-Nov-17 12:31:32

Hi, you may have better luck posting on the Infertility board, which is under the "Becoming a parent" topic. You can also report your own post and mumsnet will move it for you. Very knowledgeable posters over there. And here too of course.
I'm so sorry that this happened to you. flowers I think there's definitely an assumption that once you've got to the stage of having two good embryos transferred, one at least will stick. You must have been and still be devastated. Have the clinic given you any feedback? Clinics tend to say that you should consider three cycles the 'course of treatment' for infertility so I certainly would be seeking some more opinions at this point. Can I ask what happened in the previous two cycles, were they 'just' BFNs on test day?

cluecu Thu 16-Nov-17 12:07:50


Hope this is ok, I have two threads running about two different topics.

Earlier this year, on my third NHS ICSI cycle, we had two embryos transferred and a BFP. The early scan showed that they had both started to develop but had both stopped growing at 4-5 weeks. I know this statistically is common but I suppose I can't stop wondering why they both stopped, at the same time. Obviously, I know the exact dates of everything, due to the way they were conceived and that the best possible eggs and sperm were used. I can't stop wondering if that means me and DH are biologically incompatible, or if my womb has something there to prevent a successful pergnancy. Or is it totally normal?

I guess I'm thinking so many things while trying to work out the next steps for a private cycle that I don't know which tests I need to have, or just to get on with it. Has anyone been in a similar situation or know of anything that might cause this in particular?

Thanks you and sorry for everyone on this board, it's just so painful sad

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