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In agony and getting fobbed off!!

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Emmachook Fri 10-Nov-17 18:05:49

This is a Bit of a long story and abit I had what I thought was my period on the 18th of October, everything was normal about it, lasted the usual of 5 day with medium to heavy flow Ect..then on the 29th I started bleeding and the pain I was in was unreal, it was on the lower left side of my tummy near my pubic bone, went to the doctors on the 30th and she did a pregnancy test (neg) infection test too but nothing so she said it was just stress the 30th I'd had enough,bleeding had stopped and was still in they took swabs and blood tests and sent me on my way..the bleeding and pain then started again lasting from the 4th-7th of November. I then took a hpt and it came back positive.. so went back to the doctors on Wednesday, they told me my bloods had come back and I was pregnant with 257mUI hcg and to go hospital as they thought ectopic pregnancy, so at the hospital I had bloods and an internal,they said I was about 6-7 weeks pregnant, they couldn't find anything in my tubes or in my womb so said I was too early on to detect anything. So i went home and later on that night they rang and said my hcg levels had dropped to 9mIU and that I was having a miscarriage! Now I understand that but what I don't understand is why I'm still getting positive pregnancy tests that don't detect anything below 20mIU hcg but apparently I'm only 9mIU and I'm still in agony..they told me I didn't need no more blood tests and no follow ups at all. I know I'm taking it hard but something just doesn't sit right with me.. please can someone try and shed some light x

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AnnM08 Sat 11-Nov-17 12:33:19

So Sorry you’re going through this. I would call EPU if I was in as much pain as you are in. Especially if still bleeding too.
Keep on top of painkillers in the meantime though x

Emmachook Sun 12-Nov-17 14:27:19

Thank you for your I'm not bleeding now, I jist still feel pregnant and it's messing with my head! I have became obsessed with poas!! I know it's hurting my partner but everything jist doesn't make sense to me sad x

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