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How long for period after D&C?

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Littleblueberry Tue 07-Nov-17 13:59:40

I'm just going to outline my timeline:

Positive test end of July 2017.
Bleeding one week later
Scan showed empty foetal sac.
2 weeks after first scan a second scan was undertaken and confirmed empty sac measuring 2.5cm
4 days later had an MVA.
3 weeks after MVA lots of back and fourth to clinic as test was still positive. Finally had a negative test and thought that was the end of it
3.5 weeks later I was taken to hospital by ambulance after a sudden heavy bleed at work (no exaggeration more than a pint in the space of an hour).
Lots of investigations in hospital including an MRA and a 4 day stay.
one week after the bleed I had a hysterscopy and D&C and they confirmed retained pregnancy tissue.
It's now 6 weeks after my D&C no period yet. I have had lots of strange pains and crampy feelings over the last fortnight. My cervical mucous is a bit clumpy and there is quite a lot of it. though no period yet. The GP said they don't intervene until it's been 3 months. I am getting impatient and want to try again. How long is normal to wait?
I have been using the withdrawal method of contraception so there is a small possibility of pregnancy as I know it only takes one to get through but the test I did last week was negative. Any experience or words of wisdom etc will be gratefully received. PS I know stressing is not going to help my body return to normal. outwardly I am being totally fine but inwardly I am telling my body to sort itself out a few times a day now.

Kej13 Tue 14-Nov-17 18:28:20

I'm so sorry for your loss 😔 Honestly, when I had my miscarriage, I was told generally 2-8 weeks but there is no 'normal' when it comes to miscarriage! But you're right, stressing will not help! My first period after my d&c was 2 weeks later (like I needed any more pain and bleeding!) but everyone is different! If you're worried please see your gp, in my experience my gp was lovely and went above and beyond for me after my miscarriage, I hope yours is the same. X

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