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Anyone else struggling physically?

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EnoughisEnough1204 Wed 01-Nov-17 18:27:43

So, long story short. I've had two missed miscarriages resulting in ERPC's at 7 and then 8 weeks and one very early natural miscarriage in the last six months. I'm 40 and have no children so really feeling the pressure. Emotionally I feel like I'm coping and am back at work after the last surgery three weeks ago. Physically though I'm really struggling. I have basically been ill with different infections since the first loss and I am now beyond exhausted. I just want my life back! I was doing okay and today have come down with a stinking cold. Has anyone else experienced this and have any tips? I'm practically rattling with the amount of supplements I'm taking and if I make to 8pm before going to bed Its a late night!

ForeverHopeful21 Thu 02-Nov-17 14:17:14

I'm so sorry for your losses flowers

It took me about 4 months before I physically felt like my normal self again. Like you I had an infection after my miscarriage and was put on two lots of antibiotics which really screwed up my body. I also lost a huge amount of blood so was severely anaemic. I struggled to walk upstairs without being out of breath, and the usual 30 minute walk to work was taking me an hour! I'd be sweating and on the verge of fainting. For me it was really bad for around 6-8 weeks and then (very) slowly got better.

Like you I took lots of vitamins and also high dose prescription iron tablets. I tried to eat well and continued to do small amounts of exercise but mainly listened to my body and rested. If you feel like you need to got to bed at 8pm then don't fight it. I know it's not how you want to live but your body must need it. I recall crying my eyes on many occasion and saying to my DH "I just want to be normal again". I remember thinking how I'd taken simple things for granted like getting dressed without feeling like I genuinely needed a nap afterwards!

I truly sympathise. I felt awful after 1 miscarriage so I don't know how my body would be coping after 3. You could speak to your GP about it?
...Although when I spoke to mine he just told me to eat more steak and vegetables hmm

EnoughisEnough1204 Thu 02-Nov-17 18:33:19

Thank you Forever and I am so sorry for your loss and what sounds like a really traumatic experience.
It makes me feel better to know it's not just me. I spoke to the GP today and I'm booked in for blood tests next week and then a follow up appointment to talk about where we go from here. To be honest, the thought of ttc the way I feel at the moment seems like a joke!
It's funny that you mention steak, I took the French approach with red meat and red wine at the weekend and my dp said it was the first time that I've looked less grey in weeks!
I think I am getting frustrated and also want to be back to full speed so that I can be distracted. The doctor did say today that sometimes the body warns us about what the mind needs so maybe I'm being forced to slow down and really process the emotional stuff. Who knows?! This whole thing is just so draining and feels never ending.

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