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MTHFR - Methylfolate

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Mv0707 Wed 01-Nov-17 12:27:31

Hi all,

I had 2 early miscarriages earlier this year. My husband and I decided to run some tests (privately) before attempting a third time as the NHS recommend. I think I was too afraid to try again without running a basic check. So, everything came out normal except by this MTHFR mutation that according to the doctor that saw me, it prevents me to process folic acid which may have been the cause of my mmcs. Apparently this is a very common mutation. This Dr. recommended me to stop the folic acid pills and to start taking Methylfolate 400mcg and referred me to Prof Regan at St Marys who will also determine if I need to take baby aspirin (I don't know what they need to test to determine this if I already had a lot of tests done).

I'm really confused because this Methylfolate is not sold at Boots or at the high street stores.I can only find it in few online stores. I only found this out when I got home so it's annoying I didn't get more information during my appointment. I'm having a hard time finding reliable information explaining the condition and the use of the Methylfolate, especially when this doctor told me that almost half of the population has somehow this mutation. I mean this is made to combat a deficiency of folic acid which is critical for pregnancy, so I was expecting to find tons of information.

Have any of you been diagnosed with this mutation before? Do you have any experience of dealing with this condition with Prof Regan? I feel so frustrated sad

Many thanks in advance.

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