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Stillborn at 34 weeks due to CDH..any Groups for a Dad to visit to talk things through in Kent.thanks

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22beach Sat 28-Oct-17 09:26:04

My Daughter was Stillborn at 32 weeks,3 weeks ago..and i am looking for any Groups in east kent to Talk with other dads that have had a similar thing happen to their family..Thanks in Advance smile

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BreakHerOffAKitKat Sat 28-Oct-17 09:32:25

I can’t help but wanted to pass on my condolences. My still was 23 weeks and it is devastating. My thoughts are with you flowers

DaisyBank82 Sun 29-Oct-17 08:12:29

22beach I am so sorry for your loss. My daughter was stillborn at 32 weeks in January. The pain is like no other. I attend Sands meetings in my area and lots of dads come, sometimes with their wives and sometimes without. There are more mums though I must admit. I hope you can find similar support locally to you. There are also smaller charities that offer support in my area (Berkshire) like Reading Lifeline. There may be similar close to you but I expect Sands will be able to point you in the right direction. Wishing you all the best at this awful time.

washingmachinefastwash Sun 29-Oct-17 08:28:33

I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter.

Have you contacted Sands? They are a fantastic charity and you can receive counselling through them when you’re ready.

They have a phone line so you can speak to them if you’re not ready to speak face to face.

Simba have meetings where they light candles for the children who have passed away, they also have memorial trees all over the UK if you wanted to get your daughters name engraved on a metal leaf and hung on the tree of tranquility.

Remember to keep talking, everyone will want to hear about your daughter.

lovewatchingrainfall Sun 29-Oct-17 08:43:07

Have you contacted CDH uk. They are amazing. My daughter was born with the condition and has survived so I can’t 100% know what you are going through. But I know the charity are really helpful.

22beach Sun 29-Oct-17 12:51:18

Thank you for your replies..They are Helpful.. smile

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LAlexander7 Sun 19-Nov-17 21:30:22

Hey buddy you can private message me if you like and we can talk?

Lost my son in March so understand what you and your partner are going through.

gingerbreadmam Sun 19-Nov-17 21:33:23

My son was stillborn at 27 weeks two years ago. Sands is a lifesaver. Men attend mine too. I would definitely recommend. So sorry for your loss.

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