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Help please I’m so confused!!!

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Anonymouss34 Fri 27-Oct-17 13:06:26

So I went for my dating scan thinking I was at least 10 weeks midwife said I was 11.4. Anyways I had my scan and they couldn’t see anything. Then had to get internal scan they found the baby but said it had no heartbeat and it was only about 6w4d. So I went to speak to midwife about removing baby to then be told they had to scan again as a safety net.
So I got another internal scan she found baby’s heartbeat. She phoned someone else up anc she scanned again and also found a heart beat ( 3 internal scans in a few hours) they said it’s not as fast as it should be so I’m back next week for another scan to see if baby has a heartbeat stillsad
I’m lost and expecting the worst.
I’ve had no bleeding no pain no nothing.
Has anyone had this and baby’s been ok ?sad

Kej13 Tue 14-Nov-17 18:33:13

Hello, I've never experienced this but I hope it was good news for you? I had a mmc in July and have wondered ever since if there was a mistake, I never had a second opinion 😔

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