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ScarletAnn31 Fri 27-Oct-17 06:45:54

I am 23 and never been pregnant, around three weeks ago i started getting pregnancy symptoms (feeling very sick, nipples so tender i want to cry, feeling very tired). I don't get periods due to being on the pill so wasn't able to tell if i was late on. I did thre hpt and all three were negative but i just had this "feeling". On Wednesday (25/10) i started bleeding which for me is very unusual, i went to the doctors who said they believe I'm miscarrying, i had a nurse do a preg test yesterday which again was neg!
The bleeding I'm experiencing is so heavy and painful and and lower back is painful. I still feel sick and my nipples are still so tender but I am so confused.
Is it possible to get negative test results and still be miscarrying?

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