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No heartbeat at 12 + 3.... really frightened of the bleeding

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Llanali Thu 26-Oct-17 20:08:42


I went to A&E with bleeding and cramping yesterday, they scanned and said no heartbeat and baby was measuring 10+2/3 days.

The bleeding has been intermittent to day but now I'm really sore and it's gushing lumps.

I'm going to the unit tomorrow to discuss medical management and a hospital stay for the weekend or to wait for a surgical bed on Monday.

I thin things are starting now and I'm really frightened. What happens now? I don't want to pass the foetus. The midwife said there would be too much blood and tissue to safely allow me a natural miscarriage even if I wanted one hence going tomorrow.

Any advice please?

KTD27 Thu 26-Oct-17 20:11:24

Oh my love. I don’t want to read and run just wanted to send you the biggest hugs.
I’m not sure what they will advise - if it’s a medical procedure I can tell you my experience though I was a lot further on than you (17w +3) I opted for GA and went to sleep and woke up what felt like moments later and it was over.
They may offer the same or they may offer sedation. I’m not sure.
I’m sure others will come along and offer words of experience but from one mummy to another I just wanted to send you love x

SinkyMalinks Thu 26-Oct-17 22:39:43

I’m sorry. I had this last month. 10 week miscarriage. I was waiting for management options when it started. Not much pain - I’ve had worse period pains, but I did bleed enough that I needed to go into hospital for medicine to help it pass.

It was hard, but not as physically unpleasant as I feared.

Take care though. I didn’t want to be in hospital so ignored/minimised my bleeding so I was quite anaemic when I got to hospital. More than a pad an hour or clots bigger than 50p - get advice.

Llanali Fri 27-Oct-17 19:32:52

Thanks ladies and I’m sorry for your experiences.

I’m booked for surgery on Monday. Feel ok about that but I’m in a lot of pain tonight again and so frightened it’s going to start before Monday.

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