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really need help after loss of pregnancy!

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karolinamajew31 Tue 24-Oct-17 22:56:48

Hello mums sorry to write here,If it's not right place. I'm so desparate to hear some advice. In April I found out I'm pregnant for second time. unfortunately I lost the baby when 8 weeks. I had to go 2 times tru 'procedure ' because it didn't clean itself I end up with infection etc was manual aspiration if it does problem is since that happened I don't enjoy sex anymore,like I don't feel anything there..i don't think is mental problem I just feel like they messed up sth during those procedures and I'm left like that? Can anyone experience same thing? I mention that to gp they gave me phone nr to counsellor whichbdont think is case...i don't know what to do, I went tru a hell last months and I'm just getting enough it's coming more and more! please if anyone have some advice

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