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Light pink bleeding at 5 weeks pregnant

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Yane3642 Sun 22-Oct-17 04:02:38

Hello Girls I'm 5 weeks and 2 days today I had a Light pink bleeding when i went to pee and I felt a little lower, I wipe and had more pink blood one the paper and after that I put a pad and I went to check and it was more but not too much (not like a period) was a little bit!! I'm scared I had a miscarriage 4 months ago but it that time the bleeding was with right red blood..

Yane3642 Sun 22-Oct-17 21:37:18

Hello girls... Apparently i had false positive 😓 they do a blood test the hormone level was 9 that they considerate negative and they said it can be a miscarriage cause hormone levels don't drop that faster!!

P1nkSparkles Sun 22-Oct-17 22:19:45

flowers so sorry to hear that. Hope you're ok xx

user246775435865466 Sun 22-Oct-17 22:53:30

Sorry flowers take care of yourself xx

Yane3642 Mon 23-Oct-17 00:16:23

Sorry!! They said it can't be a miscarriage 🙁

SchnitzelVonCrummsTum Mon 23-Oct-17 18:51:48

Hm, I don't think that was a false positive. Above 5 is considered a positive (though 6 to 25 is a grey area in some labs) but if you had a positive test a few days ago your levels could well have been higher thrn and just dropped fast (which does happen). E.g. I had a chemical pregnancy and my levels were 12 when tested a week after my first positive pregnancy test but much higher the week before. Sorry to hear what you've been going through x

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