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Advice on 2nd MC please!?

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Beaubear94 Sat 21-Oct-17 23:33:44

Hi all :-) I'll get straight to it, any advice would be appreciated in advance.
Friday 13th Oct I went to A&E at 4.5 weeks PG due to bleeding.. docs took bloods, hcg levels where only at 40. He also took a urine PG test which was negative, I thought any hcg levels over 5/10 read a possitive result? I wasn't scanned. Doc told me to take another test in 7 days as my levels where so low everything should be out of my system by then. I've tsken 2 PG tests and both are strong BFP. I've had no pain eith this MC apart from being uncomfortable with period like pain and a little pain in legs. Does anyone have any advice, is it likely hormones are just taken longer to get out of my system, or is it possible I'm still pregnant? Or conceived with twins and lost one? I haven't hard any follow up bloods tests etc I am booked for a scan on Monday tho! This is nothing like my first MC at 7+3. I'm googling like crazy lol. Thanks all x

Beaubear94 Sun 22-Oct-17 13:24:06


Catnut Thu 02-Nov-17 13:41:01

Hi beaubear, I was watching your post as it seemed similar to my own ongoing situation. Sorry I can’t offer advice. How are you now? flowers

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