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Unconfirmed Miscarriage on Mirena

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LilliogLilla Mon 16-Oct-17 05:12:18

Unconfirmed Miscarriage on MirenaHi all,

I'm almost positive I miscarried on Mirena. I keep meticulous records of my health due to a medical condition and as soon as I started passing grey tissue on my "period", my first instinct was that I was having a miscarriage. (Had also had some early pregnancy symptoms earlier, which I realized once I looked at my journal.) It was awful for 13 days. Almost had to call in sick multiple times. Eventually, my partner convinced me to call the clinic and the nurse told me that although rare, it sounded exactly as if the IUD had failed and she wanted me to get a blood test stat. After our convo, I looked up the symptoms of miscarriage and had every single one. My regular doctor was out, so they sent me to someone else. Who also thought I had a miscarriage, but after affirming that the IUD was in place, he said the it was statistically unlikely and, therefore, he refused to order the blood test or diagnosis it as a possible miscarriage. When I asked him what else it could have been he said that nothing else fits those symptoms. So, essentially, he didn't diagnose me solely on the fact that not enough other doctors where diagnosing the same thing, which is a logical fallacy keeping the statistics artificially low.

I've also been experiencing extreme fatigue, is this common with miscarriage?
Should I be concerned with the possibility of ectopic pregnancy or does the fact that I passed all that grey tissue rule it out?
Also, I'm having trouble processing it, because I don't have any way to confirm whether I did or did not miscarry... last night, I wound up crying at the thought that maybe I should have kept some of the tissue and buried it or something, but then the analytical part is beating myself up, since I don't actually know one way or the other. Any advice? Thanks <3

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