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How long to miscarry naturally with a missed miscarriage?

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Sezmarelda Thu 12-Oct-17 10:31:18

I found out at my 12 week scan that I'd had a missed miscarriage. They think the baby stopped growing at around the 6 week mark. I've been on expectant management for 4 weeks now and although I am getting some bleeding (not a huge amount) I've still not passed the sac according to a recent scan. I really want to miscarry naturally but it's now been about 10 weeks since the baby stopped developing, so I'm starting to wonder if it is ever going to happen naturally. Has anyone else gone this long on expectant management and miscarried naturally? If so how long did it take to happen?

I've been off work since I found out about the MMC 4 weeks ago, and don't want to go back until it's complete as I don't want to risk having sudden heavy bleeding at work as it takes me over an hour to get home on the bus. Whilst I really want to wait to miscarry naturally I'm feeling guilty about being off work for so long, which makes me feel a bit backed in to having medical or surgical management instead of expectant management sad

ibentmywookie Fri 13-Oct-17 13:34:14

Very sorry for your loss. I had surgery with all three of my mmcs as my body just refused to miscarry naturally.

Tbh, I preferred to have surgery in order to get the physical side of pregnancy over with, but I appreciate it's a very personal choice.

JellyfishPieForTea Fri 13-Oct-17 18:31:08

OP, don't feel backed in to any type of management that you don't want. Just to reassure you, bleeding from an early miscarriage is likely to be simailr to a period. Maybe a heavy period, but in my experience it's not too awful. I'm currently waiting to miscarry (my third) also at 6 weeks. I've been told the sac is only 5.7mm and that bleeding wont be too bad. For me, carrying on as normal is helping me, but I totally understand that everyone copes in their own way.

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