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4 weeks miscarriage?

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nickyinaus Fri 06-Oct-17 13:04:02

Hello, spent Monday at doctors then to EPU at Hospital ridiculously heavy bleeding, clots, possible eptopic or miscarriage. Wont confirm definitely as we hadn't done a test,but being sent for an appointment for ultrasound in a few weeks. Could also be fibroids but can't give diagnosis on that either.Given tablets to stop bleeding. Was told to stop taking them when bleeding stopped which was Wednesday but started bleeding again today? Also feeling absolutely exhausted and back ache. Is this normal? Doctor at EPU was quite cold in that wouldn't definitely say it was a miscarriage as we hadn't done a test but we'd been trying and using OPKs and that it could just be a heavy period. But I've never had bleeding like that in my life...anyone else had experience of this or any advice??

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