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Pending miscarriage

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Kirxalouise Fri 06-Oct-17 07:00:56

Hi all this a first post for me and really just need some advice, been ttc for a year now had a long miscarriage back in January were the baby would not pass on it's own so had to have 2 procedures to help along the way I had very intense bleeding for that miscarriage from the beginging so I new the outcome was not going to be great sad I found out again I was pregnant and by my dates I am currently 9w which I no are correct as the calender sees to be your best friend when ttc, yesterday morning with bowel movement (stmi) I wiped and had some pink blood nothing to bad so I got a bit worried as you do got booked in for a scan and was told that there was no heartbeat and they worked out it stopped at 8w1d.
I'm devastated as not had no bleeding or cramping since could they b wrong or is it imminent I will miscarry... iv now got to wait 2 weeks to go back for another scan but they said I should pass in in that time... has anyone been told no heartbeat but turned out to be ok, I'm in bits and driving myself mad with this ... Please help

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