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Second miscarriage at 43

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user1493370744 Thu 05-Oct-17 10:38:44

Dear all,
I am 43 soon to be 44 I have been blessed with two ds and two dd. I never take it for granted just how lucky I am to have them. However life for me has not been easy with one thing and another and finally after a lengthy horrid divorce after waiting 11 years for closure it happened last week at a final hearing. I await for the results. Without going into too much detail my ex left the children and I 11 years ago and had not seen or paid for them since!!! I met my new partner whom I have one of my sons with 7 years ago. I've had two miscarriages since my last child and have found it quite bizarre.
Yes I'm 43 so I'm met with what do you expect and you have four be thankful, there are people out there with none. This is all very true and as I say very grateful for all that I do have. My whole life has been about children, I adore them . I felt I'm done when I'm ready. My age is telling me that time may have come but I don't want my body to rule me I want to rule it!! This last miscarriage I was 5 weeks pregnant I'm still going through it so not sure I'll need a D and C or if it will all go naturally. I have a week to wait before my scheduled op. I guess I'm writing this as a way of therapy but to also see if there is anyone out there like me that has come to an age where they find themselves desperate for one more bubby . I feel so alone. I haven't told my mum I've lost two pregnancies as she is one of the people who thinks I'm completely mad. It's my life I love children I'm not done but there's too many negative advice not to have them and it scares me half to death. I'm fighting between the devil and the deep blue sea. What I'm tying to say is I think I want to continue trying for a baby in the hope it actually happens

ferntwist Thu 05-Oct-17 11:59:09

Just wanted to say good luck!

Santawontbelong Thu 05-Oct-17 12:08:35

Hi. I had ds with new dh at 43. We ttc again at 44. I had 3 chemicals and a mc at 8 weeks - naturally at home alone. I am gutted but accepting I am done at 46. Actually 5 days late but af cramp and spotting so won't even test, whereas last year would have been testing daily. . I have other dc but the urge is still strong. .

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