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Finding things hard to accept.

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Hopeful2102 Thu 05-Oct-17 00:33:12

For the first time in my life i feel defeated, I can't help but wish to feel something that would tell me my baby is back and everything is fine. I can't think about anything else, people talk to me and it's really not going in. I keep trying to wrap my head around why or when and i just can't. I feel so alone. I just want my baby back.

ferntwist Thu 05-Oct-17 12:01:26

So sorry to hear how you're feeling Hope. I've been there and all I can say is it really does get easier. Time is such a good healer. Be kind to yourself and although you might not feel like it, do something nice for you every day. Have you got someone close to you that you can talk to?

MUMOFANANGEL84 Mon 09-Oct-17 23:38:55

You are not alone...I am dealing with the weeks around what would have been my due date right now and inside I feel so sad.take yourself away and give your self is normal to feel abnormal. Big hug.L.xx

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