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Empty sac at ??? weeks

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TheFimbleFowl Thu 28-Sep-17 14:09:03

Hello can anyone offer any advice? I had an early private scan 2 weeks ago which only showed an empty sac. They said they thought I was around 5 / 5.5 weeks - my dates had me at 6-7 but I know it's not an exact science.

Went back today for a re-scan, and they said it had grown and looked about 6 weeks, but still no sign of embryo.

I know it's very early days but as it seems behind on dates (both my dates, and not showing two weeks growth between the scans) I don't feel much hope.

They've offered a re-scan in another two weeks and I know I just have to wait, but should I be going to my doctor at this point as if it's a failing pregnancy I'm surely going to need to be referred for an NHS scan before I can access treatment? I would want medial intervention if things are coming to an end.

Any advice really appreciated.

Hiraeth17 Thu 28-Sep-17 18:40:59

Speak to your GP and explain, they should refer you to your EPU. Good luck

ibentmywookie Fri 29-Sep-17 09:38:24

Sorry you're in limbo at the mo. If you can I would self refer to your nearest EPU and get yourself into the system. I had a worrying private scan in December and was scanned at my EPU the following day. I still had to wait another ten days for a second NHS scan as there was a hb at the first scan even though it was clear that the pregnancy wasn't going to progress well. It drags on terribly otherwise.

Libbysmum1 Wed 04-Oct-17 19:35:20

Sorry to hear what you are going through at the moment. I too have been through the same recently. Started bleeding on 21/9 it was a very dark brown discharge really. Not very heavy but knew something was not right. Went to A&E straight away. Had bloods taken which showed high hcg levels and internal showed cervix was still closed. As a precaution I was booked in for a scan the following day. I went home feeling very optimistic.

The following day I went for my scan just expecting to see our baby's hb. At this time I should have been 7.5 weeks pregnant by LMP. The scan showed a pregnancy sac and yolk sac measuring only 5.5 weeks. The nurse said that it could be that my dates were wrong so booked me in again the following Friday 29/9. I continued to bleed for that whole week on and off but still brown and very light. The nurse said I was having a threatened miscarriage. She said bleeding was common but not normal. The bleeding was detected on the scan and measured smaller then the sac itself which measured about 1.4cm.

Scan on 29/9 showed that the pregnancy had grown but not enough and that I would miscarry. Still no hb. I would have been 8.5 weeks. Even if dates were wrong I should have been 6.5 weeks as per previous scan. At 6.5 weeks an embryo with hb should be detected. The scan showed that the bleed had grown in size, now as big as the pregnancy itself. I chose to go ahead with SMM as I just wanted the ordeal over. The week between scans was torturous.

Had my SMM today. Went in at 10am and was home by 4pm. It was let too unpleasant as performed under general. Feel ok now with moderate bleeding. Nurse confirmed that I will be extra fertile now so after 1 period safe to try again.

I don't want to scare you but just inform of my experience. I spent days looking on forums and it doesn't really help. Try to stay positive though as your experience could be totally different. Good luck.

TheFimbleFowl Thu 05-Oct-17 13:51:07

Thanks both and sorry for your loss Libby.

Scanned at the EPU today and it’s still empty and only measuring 6 weeks, so although I need another scan in a week to confirm that looks pretty conclusive.

Thanks for sharing your experience on SMM (assume that’s the surgical management?). Now worrying about how I’m going to deal with things, as DP works shifts and I have the older kids and work to manage.

Were you back on your feet quickly afterwards? I’m pretty sure I want intervention, can’t stand the thought of just waiting for it to end by itself.

Fingers crossed for next time for you

Libbysmum1 Thu 05-Oct-17 17:21:10

I was fine after about an hour or so after surgery. I also have a 2.5 year old daughter. This was one of the main reasons I chose the surgical option. I hated the thought of being in pain at home alone with her. My husband works away as well.

For me the surgical option was scary and daunting but now it's done I feel very relieved. The worst thing is I now have a really sore throat due to intubation during general anaesthetic. It's a tube to keep airways open. I can only imagine it was difficult to do so scratched my throat. Hopefully this will subside in a few days.

I have my fingers crossed for your next scan. I really hope it's good news for you.

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