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Possible Miscarriage

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hannahhlouuu Tue 12-Sep-17 17:26:05

I may be attempting to connect dots that don't necessarily exist, but I believe I may have recently had a miscarriage and am unsure what to think.
I didn't take a test so I can't say for sure that I was pregnant in the first place, but this past week I have experienced a bad cold/the flu, followed by stomach pains
and large blood clots. After googling it all, it all points to one thing.
Pregnancy shouldn't happen because I get the Depo shot once every 3 months, but I had my last one 6 weeks ago which makes all of this seem even more likely because of the crossover period.
I don't know whether I'm overthinking it or whether it all makes sense. Would just like some advice on how to interpret it all, thankyou x

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KC11 Thu 14-Sep-17 20:07:33

Hi. Sorry to read this. I had similar a long time ago. Gp said it might have been a miscarriage but no way of knowing. I eventually turned out to have a fibroid. Keep a diary of bleeding and anything similar happening again. I would visit your doctor and ask for it to go on your records.It may be nothing and might not happen again. Keep well and get rest. flowers

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