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Not Ovulated Since Miscarriage

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Sweetverse Wed 06-Sep-17 14:40:03

Hi, I had a miscarriage at the beginning of June and have had 2 periods since then, both (unusually for me as I have an irregular cycle) on 28 days. However, I've been religiously doing ovulation test sticks and have not had one positive result since before the mmc. Has anyone else experienced this? and if so did you ever ovulate again?
Many thanks x

jesslilly Wed 06-Sep-17 14:59:39

It does take a while for your body to go back to normal as you have been through trauma and are also possibly stressed? Have you had regular period on the same dates of the month? Only when I miss carried it took 6 months in order for my body to be over the trauma after 4 month my body cycles were back to normal there for my stress barriers dropped I got pregnant 6 months after but then all of our bodies are different, hope this helps you sending you lots of baby dust xx

Sweetverse Thu 07-Sep-17 09:36:34

Thanks very much jesslilly, I suppose I just assumed things would snap back, I will give it more time and try to relax and hopefully we will get lucky smile x x

SleepFreeZone Thu 07-Sep-17 09:41:31

When you say ovulation sticks, do you mean the cheap strips you can buy? If so can I suggest you try the clearblue dual hormone smiley sticks. They've always worked brilliantly for me and it might be that the cheap strips aren't picking up the surge.

ibentmywookie Fri 08-Sep-17 11:03:36

Hi, I'm in the same position, I had surgery on 4th May (baby died at 14 weeks due to T13) and my cycle has been all over the place ever since and I don't appear to be ovulating either.

I asked my GP about it last week, and she said it could take up to six months to get back to normal - which is annoying as after my last two mmc it got straight back in sync immediately, and I'm 43, so running out of time. I did have my FSH levels checked and they look ok - I was worried that I'd tipped over into peri-menopause.

Because of my age she's going to refer me if it hasn't sorted itself out in a month. In the meantime I'm trying to relax, and also contemplating a course of acupuncture.

SleepFreeZone Fri 08-Sep-17 13:03:38

Wookie I found acupuncture incredibly helpful for regulating my cycle post my last MMC. I ended up being good friends with the acupuncturist. She was such a lovely lady. Where are you located incase you're near to me?

Sweetverse Fri 08-Sep-17 15:00:57

Thanks very much SleepFreeZone, I will give them a go, I have wondered about the cheap ones that I've been using x

Sweetverse Fri 08-Sep-17 15:05:23

Wookie, sorry to hear about your loss. I agree it is worrying as you hear so much about being super fertile after a miscarriage and not so much about how long things can take to get back to normal. I'm think I'm now going to get the clear blue ovulation sticks and see how things go. If it's still messed up in December (6 months after the miscariage as I'm over 35) I'll go to the docs too.
I hope things get back to normal for you soon x

Doublechocolatetiffin Fri 08-Sep-17 15:13:04

I'm sorry for your loss sweet. It took me 5 months to conceive again following my miscarriage. It was especially worrying as I'd conceived straight away with my first two pregnancies. I was ovulating but DTD didn't seem to work. I definitely found the clear blue ovulation sticks better than the cheap ones, but the month I actually got pregnant I started taking Agnus castus and evening primrose oil and drinking lots of water to be hydrated. It seemed to really change my cycle, I had a very short light period (which is unhear of for me) and then I got pregnant the next cycle. I took it from cd1 - ovulation. It might be worth a shot?

ibentmywookie Fri 08-Sep-17 21:37:11

Thanks sweet, I hope your cycle gets back to normal soon as well. As far as being super fertile after a loss goes, my most recent loss was conceived six weeks after a mmc in December, we were just very unlucky that it went wrong again.

Sleep, I'm in North London, are you anywhere near?

SleepFreeZone Fri 08-Sep-17 21:47:04

Hmmm not close enough I don't think. The lady is based in Wooton, Bedfordshire. Not sure how much of a commute that would work out as

Sweetverse Tue 12-Sep-17 08:20:04

Hi Double, thanks for that, I'll give the Agnus castus a go and the evening primrose x

Sweetverse Tue 12-Sep-17 08:21:13

I'm really sorry to hear that Wookie, I hope your next pregnancy goes well x

Decaf83 Tue 19-Sep-17 20:28:51

So sorry to hear of your losses ladies. I feel like I could have written this!!
I had a mmc in June, haven't ovulated since either. I ended up going to a private fertility consultant as I was spotting/bleeding for 3 weeks out of every 4 week cycle.
Just tried a cycle of clomid but doesn't appear to have worked. My body acts like it's going to ovulate, ewcm etc but then doesn't. It's so so hard isn't it. After my first mmc my body seemed to bounce right back to normal and I'm finding it so hard that my body just isn't this time. I see an acupuncturist every other week but hasn't changed anything so far...
Going to head off back to doc and see what she can suggest..... sometimes I think I need to relax about it all and it will help, I'm sure all the stress plays a part but that's easier said than done. Vicious circle I think....
Hope agnus castus works for you! Xxx

ibentmywookie Wed 20-Sep-17 13:02:07

Sorry that you're in the same boat Decaf, it's a bit shit really. I am trying to be relaxed about it but it's beginning to get me down a bit. My CB opk is showing a flashing face today, but I am pessimistic about it turning static, we shall see.

Thanks Sleep, yep, not really convenient, I think there is someone locally who I will try if things aren't back to normal this month.

Thanks Sweetverse I hope we all end up on an antenatal thread soon.

Standingcat Thu 21-Sep-17 12:36:28

I would recommend Angus cactus for a month and reflexology

Decaf83 Thu 21-Sep-17 14:44:51

I know what you mean about it getting you down.
Find it hard to understand how my body has just stopped working.
My acupuncturist did say a miscarriage is 100 times more traumatic to the body than giving birth.
Thanks Standing did AC work for you? Did you just take it for 1 month? Xxx

Decaf83 Thu 21-Sep-17 14:58:21

Oh and how much AC did you take? Thanks

ibentmywookie Fri 22-Sep-17 13:21:32

Hallelujah! I finally got my first static smiley face since my erpc in May, and we've been dtd like mad things. I actually had ovulation pains yesterday as well, so that's the first hurdle over and done with.

Now just to hope that there's at least one egg in there still that isn't past it. Terrified. I am certain that if we have another loss then that's it, no more babies for me, I feel too old, sad, and anxious and my dd deserves a happier mum.

Hang in there ladies.

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