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Strange periods after miscarriage...

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Fluffandstuff Sat 02-Sep-17 07:41:29

Hi All,
I've been browsing these comments for months looking for answers but thought I would post as I'm driving myself mad. I've been ttc to 3 years and just before I was due to start ivf, I found out I was pregnant. Sadly, I miscarried at 6 weeks (much devastation) and ever since I've not been right. I have had constant twinges/pains on my left side towards my hip and now began spotting in between periods. I've just had my third period since the miscarriage and it's bizarre! Sorry for tmi here, but they're bright red, watery and the pain is immense. I've also had since a UTI (treated) an abscess (treated) and now this watery pink blood at the end of period. Oh, and it stopped for 12 hours midway through. I'm waiting for an ultra sound scan result after finally the dr gave in to scan me (I didn't get scanned after miscarriage) but in the meantime I'm driving myself insane worrying about all the causes I read online, I know, I shouldn't. I just feel like the dr is treating me like a hypochondriac, but we ladies know when our bodies aren't right and something is wrong. My other concern is, am I having a miscarriage again? Has anyone else had an early miscarriage and experienced nothing but problems afterwards, and if so, what was the cause and did it settle eventually? Anyone else experiences are gratefully received. Thanks!

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Essjay2001 Mon 04-Sep-17 20:40:19

Hi Fluffandstuff.
Firstly, sorry to hear about your miscarriage - they're horrible aren't they 😢.
I don't really have any experience with what you're describing...Im yet to have my first period following my miscarriage 6 weeks ago - how long did yours take to arrive?
Have you had the scan yet? I was scanned after a few days because I dramatically got myself admitted to hospital via ambulance 😱 Wasn't quite what I'd had in mind!!

Hope you find your answers xx

Fluffandstuff Sat 09-Sep-17 06:58:19


So sorry for the delayed response. I am so sorry to hear your story. I don't thinking anyone ever understands the emotional trauma you go through with a miscarriage and we are all different in how we react. I did finally get my scan and they found a fibroid. Whether this has anything to do with things, who knows. You don't seem to get straight answers but I suppose this is because the Drs never really know themselves. I'm now waiting to have treatment and been referred back to fertility. After 3 years of trying, I must admit, I'm starting to give up. I honestly hope you also get some answers. My period was back within 4 weeks and it was like nothing had happened! Insulting ! How's it going with you now? If you're not getting anywhere, do what I did. Insist, shout and complain. I was right, there was something wrong and listen to your instinct. Xx

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Essjay2001 Sat 09-Sep-17 20:13:39

😢 Don't give up.

Does the fibroid need to be treated? A lot of my female family members have fibroids but I can't remembered what their treatment has been.

Will you go forward for ivf again?

My period has arrived with gusto. And as you said, like nothing had even happened.

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